Launching Larissa Ione Week!

Here at BookThing!, we have a lot of love for this amazing author.  Both Tracey and I devoured her Demonica series and are firmly in love with her world and characters.  The Lords of Deliverance are shaping up to be just as good.  She joins J.R. Ward and Sherrilyn Kenyon as our favourite Paranormal Romance authors and well deserved too!

So, coming up this week we have reviews for the Demonica series as well as two amazing give-aways courtesy of Piatkus. We’ll hopefully have some exciting news next week as well, but for now, we’re keeping a hat on it and our fingers crossed.

So, to kick off the week of reviews, today we’re launching the give-away, which will run for 5 days – Monday 21st May until midnight BST on Friday 26th May.

First prize pack is all 5 books in the Demonica series (Pleasure Unbound, Desire Unchained, Passion Unleashed, Ecstasy Unveiled and Sin Undone)
Second prize pack is all 3 of the Lords of Deliverance series (Eternal Rider, Immortal Rider and yes the NEW release, Lethal Rider!)

How do I enter?

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post (with a valid e-mail address in the e-mail field) to be entered into the draw. Why not tell us what makes a good paranormal romance hero, or what makes the best villains?

Winners will be selected at random (or Fizz the book guardian might pull them out of a hat!)

Unfortunately due to postage costs this give-away is UK only.

If you haven’t yet experienced the world of the Demonica, this could be your chance.  Good luck!

NB: e-mail addresses are used solely for the purpose of contacting the winners and arranging delivery of the books, nothing more.

Give-away is now closed, we’ll do the draw this evening and mail the winners. – Tony


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9 thoughts on “Launching Larissa Ione Week!”

  1. For me, the thing that makes a good PNR hero, has to be an alpha male with a conflicted past. Something that explains why he is so pig-headed, brutal, guarded etc. You have to have something that explains what makes him the type of male that in the real world, you would run in the opposite direction as fast as your little legs could carry you. (You probably would be caught, but I digress)

    I also want my hero not to go competly soft when he meets his HAE. It appears that some of them do once they meet “The One.”

    As for my villans? I want my villan to be just as complex. I want to have moments where you can empathise why he (or she) acts the way he (or she) does. The female villan in J. R. Wards Fallen Angels series is a great example of the complex villan. I still don’t like her, but there is a loneliness to her.

  2. Hmmm… a good PNR hero… well may favourite one was Armand from the Vampire Chronicles (Anne Rice). He’s dark and mysterious and seemingly infallible but tinged with some kind of longing. Awww. I say “was” my favourite because I recently read The Vampire Armand and discovered that underneath that dark and mysterious exterior he is basically a bit wet: constantly weeping over beautiful things, happy things, sad things or sometimes nothing at all. So I’ve had to change my favourite to Marius instead because he’s dark and mysterious (also very strong – an absolute must) but doesn’t spend all his time crying over paintings and the like.

  3. Larissa Ione takes you into another world so vivid and detailed you find yourself wondering when you can book your holiday to visit and explore! The heros/characters are full of depth and have you loving them but at times hoping you don’t come across them alone on a dark night. How a hero (an interesting one anyway) should be!
    The pages of the book just can not turn quick enough!

  4. Would love love love to win either set of books!
    A good PNR (or any) book hero for me hits some stereotypes I’m afraid – tall, dark, handsome, moody, mysterious with hidden depths and surprising sensitive and caring…sigh …BUT they must also have an added extra quirkiness in some way to save them from being a Mills & Boon caricature.

  5. A good PNR character must have an ability that’s unique but not so weird that s/he’s unstoppable. When the ability is something that helps but may also be thought of as a hindrance is when the story comes alive for me. I like stories like Christine feehans’s dark series or arcane society series.

    Looking forward to reading more in this range.


  6. Hmm what makes a good PNR hero?

    Well my favourite characters in this genre are Acheron from Dark Hunter series, Daemon from Black Jewels & Pritkin from Cassie Palmer series so I guess I like my hero’s strong, powerful but with a vulnerable side and a wicked sense of humour. Usually having had to overcome some sort of horrible past.

    As you know I’m a sucker for any series you recommend and by the sounds of your reviews I am really going to enjoy these ones.


  7. @sam and susan if you dont win I recommend buying her books anyway! they are amazing,or at least I think so anyway, as you can probably tell from my reviews 🙂

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