My Ruthless Prince

Drake Parry, the Earl of Westwood has turned traitor and betrayed the Order and his fellow Inferno Club members. Emily Harper, a gamekeeper’s daughter who has loved him since childhood does not believe this and follows him to the wilds of Bavaria hoping to prove to them all, and herself, that he could never turn into what they said. On finding Drake it seems her worst fears have been realised, that this hard, deadly and furious man is not the one she remembered – is hope really lost?

Another great story from Gaelen Foley although I have to admit not my favourite. This is the second Inferno Club novel I have read but the fourth in the series. There are a lot of references to things that happened in previous books that have a big impact on this story, and with that in mind it would have been better to read this series from the beginning. I easily managed to pick up the threads of why Drake is where he is but I do think this may be why I did not enjoy it quite as much.

The plot very definitely overshadows the romance in this book although in all fairness there is no ‘do they or don’t they’ as it is clear they are in love from the beginning. While I do love my romance the plot was very gripping and I was on the edge of my seat throughout, it was very tense! It is clear there have been large chunks dealing with Drake and Emily in previous books and if I had read the previous ones I would be much more invested in the characters. Having said that, I love Drake which is probably a good thing as if I was even more invested it would have been even more intense and I would probably have been in tears!

My only criticism would be Emily – would a female, even a gamekeeper’s daughter really trek halfway across Europe alone and with little money in the 1800’s? That’s the power of love I guess, even if it does seem a bit far fetched!

Overall another great book definitely worth reading if you are a fan of Gaelen Foley or historical novels in general.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

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  • Author: Gaelen Foley
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