Passion Unleashed

Serena is a woman with a secret who lives a charmed life – literally. She is keeper of an artifact and is charmed with health and immortality, as long as her virginity remains intact. Serena has never been tempted to lose her charmed existence until she meets a stranger she cannot resist.

Wraith is the selfish brother, thinking only of himself and his needs and until recently had no idea of the sacrifices his brothers had made for him due to his behaviour. When an old enemy poisons him and the only cure is to take the charm and amulet from Serena he figures it will be easy. After all, he is a sex demon, how hard could it be (pun intended!)

Wraith soon realises for him to live, Serena must die.  As he gets to know her and she starts to succumb to his charms he starts to think of someone other than himself. When his brothers drop a bombshell on him regarding his sickness he has some hard decisions to make. But when the world starts collapsing around them who will end up making the ultimate sacrifice?

Yet again Larissa Ione has written an amazing story. We learn more about Wraith and his early life, starting to understand what makes him tick. Wraith is probably my favourite brother and this book showed a completely different side to him, which I loved. There was more sex in this book – surprising since the heroine needs to remain a virgin! Sex is always good however and the story definitely does not suffer for it.

The story focuses on the potential for Armageddon and it was good to see a working (well sort of) relationship between the Aegis and the demons. We also got to learn more about fallen angels and their role in the universe.

There were many unexpected parts to this book including the appearance of another brother and a surprise package for Wraith. I also loved having Kynan back in the story and his role turns out to be far more important than anyone realised.

Hot demon male, feisty human female and lots of sex – what could be better! Don’t get me wrong however this is not just about that. The whole book is as great as the previous ones. Still nothing has been done in my house!

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  • Author: Larissa Ione
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