Pleasure Unbound

A demon slayer lands in a hospital run by demons and finds herself face to face with the most desirable male she has ever known. The head doctor Eidolon causes her to burn with desire like she has never before experienced. She is a member of the Aegis, a group sworn to destroy all demons and rid the world of their evil. Why then does she find herself torn between betraying the “family” who took her in or betraying the one man who saved her life and awakens feelings she never knew existed.

Demons and other creatures of the night have been turning up with organs missing many removed while they were still alive. Eidolon is furious one of their sworn enemy has been bought to their secret hospital especially as she could be involved in these attacks on his people. As a doctor he has to do everything he can to save her. When his brothers want to take her away and torture her to find out about the enemy he finds himself unable to let them do so. He is nearing his time of maturity where he needs a mate or could turn into the very monster he despises – are the feelings awakened by Tayla simply a result of this, or could it be he has found the one person who can save him?

Neither trusts the other; Tayla insists the Aegis are not behind these attacks, Eidolon insists they are and together they must fight to find the truth before the monsters inside both of them threaten to tear their lives apart.

Wow oh wow, I loved this book! I have not felt this excited about reading a new series since I was introduced to the Black Dagger Brotherhood. I loved everything about it, the characters were strong, it is always good when we get to see women kick ass, and I particularly loved the fact that the incubus sex demon powers were not as powerful as he thought when it came to Tayla.

I was sucked into the story and the world right from the beginning when a demon on the verge of death was being worked on in the ER just as in any regular hospital. The imagery created by the Larissa Ione was very vivid and I could almost smell the stench emanating from the demon when he finally died. From vegetarian fluffy demons to full blown soul-shredders the world really comes alive and you can almost imagine these demons living amongst us.

There is a sub plot which will move through the rest of the books in the series but there is no doubt this was a story about a slayer and a demon and their battles with themselves and each other.

I cannot wait to read the rest of the series – I guess nothing will get done in my house for the next week!

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  • Author: Larissa Ione
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Author: Tracey

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