A Rural Affair

 A Rural Affair is the story of Poppy Shilling, a woman set free from her loveless and controlling marriage.

I loved the character of Poppy, she was well created and I thought Catherine Alliott really caught the confusing sense of relief/grief she felt over her late, over-controlling husband.  The freak accident was brilliant and I did feel a bit guilty for laughing but it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving character.  The mysterious shock and depression Poppy goes into was also very well done and I liked how the reader didn’t find out why for a short while, even while feeling something was terribly wrong.  It all felt very realistic, the fog, the distractedness and listlessness and when the reason was revealed I felt angry for her.

Her group of friends were an interesting bunch, all very different and flawed in their own way.  The way the friendships ebbed and flowed was a bit disconcerting with a certain amount of bitchiness involved.  Poor Poppy was often caught in the middle trying to appease but it is very much a role she just accepted, rather than established herself.  Seeing her grow, albeit in fits and starts from a woman who had no mind of her own to being able to stand up for herself was quite special.  Some of the predicaments she finds herself in during that process were often laugh out loud funny, and definitely situations you could quite see happening to yourself or a friend.

I liked Sam Wetherington the instant they met but oddly you don’t see as much of him as I would have expected.  He did make an impact on me nonetheless and all the scenes with Poppy were meaningful even if nothing much happened.  I have to mention the Ball because I was equal parts laughing and cringing, it was a wonderful scene and was good to see Poppy let her hair down!

I was a little disappointed with the ending, it seemed to finish almost abruptly but it didn’t stop the nice warm glow from happening.

A great summer read that will surely entertain fans of light hearted romance.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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  • Author: Catherine Alliott
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