Once Bitten, Twice Shy

 Jasmine (Jaz) Parks works for the CIA as does Vayl who is their top assassin, he also happens to be a vampire from the 18th century. Jaz works alone and has her own reasons for doing so, her own secrets to protect, when she discovers Vayl has requested her to be his partner her solo days are over. What she doesn’t know is, why her?

This is not my usual first choice of book – romance is much more my style but I really enjoyed it. It is not a romance story but there is great chemistry between Vayl and Jaz, and my romantic heart hopes as we go through the series…. The book is written in the first person which means we are privy to Jaz’s inner (often very funny) musings although a couple of times I had to check myself to make sure I had grasped what she was saying out loud and what she was thinking.

I loved Vayl, cute and old fashioned, you could imagine he stepped out of the 18th century and from the moment the words ‘”Jasmine” – (he pronounced it Yaz-mee-na) came off the page I was lost in fantasy. Imagining everything he said in a very sexy accent – I do have a thing about men with accents!

Jaz is feisty, funny and can kick ass with the best of them, a worthy protagonist to Vayl and seems to relish teasing him about his attitudes and ideals.

The book focuses a lot on their developing partnership and how much they rely on each other for protection and support without losing itself in romance. the plot was pacey, interesting, humorous in parts and lots of things were revealed about the background of our two main characters. We were also introduced to other individuals who will clearly feature in later books and I look forward to seeing more of them.

In summary not something I would usually choose to read but found it very enjoyable and cannot wait to read the rest of the series. So even if you are a romance lover like me, do not discount this paranormal story with a humorous angle and great characters.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 


Author: Tracey

I'm a 40 something avid reader of pretty much anything, have 2 kids, a cat and a husband along with a 2 seater convertible (mid life crisis car!). While I read pretty much anything I particularly enjoy paranormal romance, historical romance and general romance - guess I am sucker for a happy ending.