Angie Powell takes what she suspects will be her last two clients on a hunting trip into the mountains, her business is in ruins, her home is about to be sold and she sets the blame firmly on the head of her business rival, Dare Callahan.

The hunting trip goes terribly wrong and soon two killers are on the loose on the mountain – only one of the human variety. With Angie running for her life the last person she wants to have to depend upon is Dare, but they will have to work together if they want to make it off the mountain alive and in one piece.

Linda Howard is not an author I have come across before but I have to say I really enjoyed this book. It had a suspense element and of course the all important (for me anyway) romance.

The story was slow to start with but that was all necessary for scene setting. Once the proper story got under way I found it hard to put down.

From the beginning we know who the bad guy (and beast!) running around the mountain are so we do not have a whodunnit going on, more of a cat and mouse. That element did actually disappear for a large part of the book as we got to explore the developing relationship between Dare and Angie. In fact it was easy to forget this was actually suspense and not just a romance!

The author does not shy away from gruesome descriptions and her imagery is very powerful, I really could imagine being there on the mountain and you get the impression of very unforgiving weather and terrain. The language is definitely not hearts and flowers and there is quite a bit of swearing,  I feel it was appropriate for the situation and person though. I would have liked to have had more background on Dare, he clearly has history but it was nothing more than alluded to. I liked Dare and it was nice to see the guy knowing his feelings and the woman being the hesitant one.

I would say this is a romance with a suspense element rather than a suspense with a romance element which was perfect for me. The suspense aspect was good and there was the added uncertainty over the second killer stalking the mountain and what it would do next. I enjoyed the insights into its mind and how black and white its thoughts were, but I guess some people might find it weird being inside the head of a bear. Never fear it is only for short periods within the book and not too often.

So in summary there is romance, sex and suspense, although the sex came quite late and was minimal unfortunately! If you are looking for pure suspense do not buy this but if you love romantic suspense (heavy on the relationship side) then buy it, read it and enjoy it.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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