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There are many times when a particular genre will demand a specific type of cover image, so for me it’s wonderful when I come across something that steps outside the mould.  It’s even better when I find the images beautiful, emotive or clever.  I wanted to share why I loved some covers so much, and while some may be new releases, others may be older but are favourites of mine.  I’m not an artist or an art critic, I just find some things very attractive and book covers are no exception.

Alex Verus series (by Benedict Jacka)

The cover for Fated (the first of Benedict Jacka’s Alex Verus series) really caught my attention when I first saw it.  I connected with the image immediately and it really made me want to open the book up and get reading straight away!  I’ve now seen all three covers, and I still love them.  Despite their simplicity, they really evoke a strong feeling of London.  The clever use of the lettering in the title, with each one being a little picture in its own right, places them well above the crowd.  I’m not sure there is a typical cover type for Urban Fantasy (excluding a lot of the romance sub-genre), and that gives artists and designers a lot of flexibility which has worked strongly in Jacka’s favour in this case.

Fated was our first look at these covers, and I was instantly drawn to the landmarks worked into the bold two tone title.  The sense of old parchment of the rest of the cover really gave a strong impression something old was behind the modern landmarks.  Simple, yet clever.  The second book (Cursed)  has a darker feel, with a monochrome title.  The landmarks look more like ink splotches and somehow lend the whole image a more sinister air.  Orbit have only just revealed the third cover and it’s a clear step up from the previous two.  The background is now much more obviously a map of London, the bright blue contrasting with the previous more muted covers.  It’s impossible not to see the lettering as blood somehow leaking out into the surrounding landscape.  The phone box is absolutely my favourite element in all the covers so far.

You shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but these covers are so brilliant and I honestly can’t wait to find out what story lies behind the cover of Taken.

The covers were designed in-house by Nick Castle and Sian Wilson and I think they have done an outstanding job!


Author: Grete

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