Fair Game

 With the werewolves ‘out’ in society, the time has come for them to start integrating, to show they aren’t monsters without restraints or morals.  When a serial killer is on the loose in Boston, targeting werewolves and fae, the FBI turn to Bran as The Marrock for help.  As the ultimate head of the American werewolves, he sends Anna and his son Charles to help.

Considering that this successful set of books developed out of a short story that was set in the world of the author’s main series, it’s a pretty amazing feat.  That it’s also eminently readable and enjoyable with characters I’ve loved since that short story, is nothing short of amazing and a testament to the writing skill and imagination of Patricia Briggs.

Fair game is book three in the Alpha and Omega series and despite the two year gap in time between the release of Hunting Ground and Fair Game, the flow, writing and characters remained consistent.  I’d been hoping she would return to the characters of Anna and Charles, as they have become as dear to me as Mercy Thompson.  While you do get mentions of the others from time to time, I would dearly love to read a book that had them all in, now that would be heaven!

Anna has come a long way from the mentally and physically abused wolf we first met in Cry Wolf.  She is married to Charles and understands her role as Omega much more.  In fact it was a treat to see her confident and using the power she has grown into.  Charles I adore and want to smack in equal measure which for me, is about the right tone for an alpha male; dominant yet endearing.  I really felt for the problems they had between them, with Charles being his father’s enforcer, carries out the Marrock’s justice.  I don’t know how anyone could have carried that weight around without it affecting them and it was sad to see it causing a rift between them.

I loved the plot of Fair Game, it actually felt more like a supernatural mystery than traditional urban fantasy and a really good one at that.  The interactions of Anna and Charles with the FBI and the police were sometimes very funny, and Anna’s instructions on how to deal with an Alpha werewolf were well done, even if people then chose not to follow them.

These books are just so easy to read, entertaining and engaging that I before I started Fair Game, I actually read the previous books again right from the short story.  It only took me a couple of days and confirmed how much I love them.  As with all series I love, I just want more and I’m hoping that the consequences of the ending means there will definitely be more coming.

Fair Game is a wonderful read that charms and entertains while sneaking ever more into your heart.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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  • Author: Patricia Briggs
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