Irreverent Questions With… Larissa Ione!

What can I say about this amazing author? I was only introduced to her work last year and I have fallen completely in love with her characters.  She has a huge amount of style in her writing that appeals to my heart and can make me laugh and cry with a few simple sentences.  As a paranormal romance author, I rate her as one of the best and if you like J.R. Ward and Sherrilyn Kenyon then you will love her, I promise!  Start with the Demonica Series (Pleasure Unbound is book 1) and if you aren’t hooked by the end, well… I will find a hat to eat or something!

Anyway, enough wittering (I do that a lot!), on with the Irreverence!

What would you be or want to be (or still are), if you weren’t an author?
I’d go back to being a meteorologist. I really loved that job!

Do you have any rituals or processes before you can start writing?
Coffee! Oh, I need lots and lots of coffee, or no words will come…

Describe your working environment right now (desk, sofa, bathroom, etc.)
Ha! I actually work in two places — I have an office, but I usually only work in it when I need quiet and privacy (like when my husband is home and I’m on deadline.) Most of the time I work in the living room with my feet up on the couch. In the winter I’ll have a fire going, and in the summer, the windows will be open. My dog, Hexe, is always on the floor next to me.

How did you celebrate when your first book was published?
Champagne and dinner out!

Whose opinion matters most to you?
When it comes to my writing? My editor….and, obviously, the reader!

Do you get fully dressed to write?
My work uniform is my pajamas or sweats. I shower and get right back into pajamas.

What gets you in the mood or inspires you to write?
Often, music, but also a really good book.

Who would play you in the film adaptation of your life?
Honestly, I have no idea. But I do know it would be a very boring movie! 🙂

What is the weirdest comment you’ve had?
I once had a guy ask if I write while naked. And he was serious. Bizarre.

What is the best experience you’ve had with fans?
I’ve had so many that it’s impossible to pick just one, but I can say that when a group of readers bought me a birthday cake and brought it to a conference, it was one of the most amazing nights I’ve had with readers.

What do you value most?
My friends and family.

How do you deal with negative comments?
Honestly, not well. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and when they put those opinions in reviews, that’s fair. But when they make those comments to my face or on my Facebook page/blog/Twitter, I tend to see it much like someone coming into my house and insulting my cooking. I think it’s rude, and I’ll make that clear, though I try to be civil.

It’s movie night, the credits are just about to roll, Happy Ever After, Everyone Dies, Or…?
As long as there is closure, I don’t care. I just hate movies that end on a cliffhanger or that leave you to interpret what happened. It’s why I couldn’t stand Inception. Brilliant movie, but the ending killed it for me!

What do you do to relax?
I read, play video games, watch movies and TV, and I go to the lake to either play on the beach with my dog, or out on a boat.

Do you have pets, and if so, describe them?
I have a calico and white cat named Vegas who was abandoned by her owners when they moved out of their house and left her to fend for herself. Horrible. We took her in when we moved, so now she’s a fat, happy indoor cat. We also have a 100-pound King Shepherd named Hexe. She looks like an oversized, long-haired German Shepherd Dog.

What are your preferred conditions for writing, i.e. silence, background noise, TV?
Either silence or TV in the background. I can’t listen to music because I end up singing and not getting any writing done.

What is your favourite type of music?
I’m a country music fan.

Do you have any phobias?
I have terrible claustrophobia. I’m also terrified of spiders, but I wouldn’t quite put it at phobia level. Close, though!

Do you find the time of year makes it easier or harder to write, are you inspired by spring or delayed by the summer heat for instance?
Definitely harder to write in the summer, when I want to be out on the lake!

Slippers, socks or barefoot?
Slippers or socks – in the winter, both!

Many thanks to Larissa Ione for taking the time to answer our questions, and if you want to know more about the author, visit her Website, Twitter or Goodreads!

Pictures provided by and used with permission of Larissa Ione

Irreverent Questions is BookThing‘s fun, feature where we ask a series of random questions that popped into Grete’s curious head. If you are an author and would like to take part, please get in touch!


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