Lethal Rider International Giveaway [closed]

 It’s give-away time again and courtesy of Piatkus, we have ten (yes TEN!) copies of Larissa Ione’s brilliant Lethal Rider to go to happy new homes.  Both Tracey and I reviewed it and we LOVED it!

We decided that our readers outside the UK needed some book love too so we are throwing this open internationally.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post and answer this question : What is the most important element for you, in a paranormal romance? Is a sexy hero/heroine a must, good sex scenes to tickle your fancy, maybe a strong storyline is what beguiles you into turning the pages.  Or is it something else entirely?

You must use a valid email address (we are the only ones who can see it and will only be used for the purpose of this give-away), or we won’t know how to contact you and then you won’t be able to read this book and will be sad 🙁

The give-away will run from today until midnight BST on Thursday 26th July.  Winners will be drawn randomly on Friday 27th July.

Good Luck! (And remember you MUST leave a comment to be in with a chance!)

NB: All comments are manually moderated, so if we’re currently asleep, your comment won’t show up straight away.  Don’t worry, you only need to comment once, and we’ll moderate them again in the morning, thanks for your interest.

Edit: That’s it – give away is closed, thanks to everyone who took part, we’ll do the draw tomorrow and e-mail the 10 winners to get addresses.


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  1. The most important element to the paranormal romance is the strength of the story line and characters. The leads need to be feisty and strong independently and stronger together. The story line needs to take you places you didn’t think you would go and draw you in so your guessing what happens next or thinking I can’t believe that happened! I also enjoy the quick witted writing of people like Larissa Iona or Kresley Cole and their one liners have me laughing out loud wishing I was that sexy and smart mouthed. When I have all these things in a good story then I know i’m onto a good thing!

  2. Love a sexy male character with strong mind and a soft heart. Love love Larissa Iones books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I love getting lost in a paranormal romance, the men have to be men and the chemistry has to be just right so u can believe your the heroine…that way you forget your housework and to actually sleep til its finished . Ive read everyone of Larissa books she amazing 🙂

  4. The most important element for me in a paranormal romance is the sexy hero getting his sexy heroine who is his equal match; i just love that and the good sex is a plus 😉

  5. Thank you very much for this opportunity! In this genre what I like and keeps me stuck to the pages is action and suspense, when answers don’t come at once, but after a bit time or at the end. I prefer when sex scenes occur almost at the end as the maximum expression of love between the characters, maybe after different tests trying out them. then, I don’t like very much when the hero has a crush on his mate immediately just because she’s meant for him and becomes a doormat. I prefer a gradual courtship. 🙂
    Hope you understand my English XD
    Bye bye

  6. I cannot wait for this book. The previous 3 were fantastic and I know this will be even better!!!!!

  7. For me…
    A troubled, captivating protagonist. A convincing one :-).
    A heroine with a fiery spirit. ‘Damsel in distress’, is ok, but they’ve got to have a bit of an attitude too, haha.
    A badass hero! <– BADass
    Sizzling intensity between lovers, a great build up before they 'get it on.'
    Believable, blush worthy sex scenes!
    Definitely a strong can't-put-the-book-down plot. Danger, lust, love, drama, sadness, humour.
    Add a few twists here and there too & I'm sold.

    …I don't want much…haha!

  8. I have to have a good story line that gets me into the world. Although sexy hero/herione is a must too, if I can’t connect with the characters and their surroundings I get bored and distracted.

  9. Hi. Im frm Malaysia. I love reading paranormal romance books coz i love the story behind it. When reading those book, am always wondering what it would be like to live in that kind of world. Love the hero and heroine playing hard to get. Mostly love that it puts beautiful images in my head of a life that could be for me.

  10. I personally enjoy a romance when it has a gripping storyline. I want it to be about more than just the sex. Some romance novels are all that has to offer. Books by Larissa Ione and J.R. Ward (to name a few) have a great storyline that keeps me up till 4:00 AM reading. 🙂 And a sexy hero never hurt anyone either. 😉 You just can’t have a great romance without a sexy hero and a beautiful heroine. <3

  11. I think it’s great that there are contests. It gives us a chance to win a book that we may never knew about

  12. For me, it’s the storyline–great characters are important too (if I can’t stand them, it’s unlikely I’ll be wanting to continue), and that combination will keep me turning pages! Love Larissa’s work–thanks for the fun!

  13. i do love a bit of romance to be in the, possibly a love rival and a twist at the end i never saw coming

  14. I am a fan of “dark” stories – that’s what draws me to read. While I absolutely adore those stories that feature paranormal, fantasy and horror, I also truly enjoy reading romances. It’s the story/plot itself that keeps me reading, and I am unashamed to admit that I have developed a fascination with very dark, dangerous heroes —- the darker, the better. Everything else is just the icing on the cake. 🙂

  15. for me it is the story itself but u can not go wrong with some romance i just found your books and i love then wraith has to be one of my all time fav char in a book

  16. the most important is the characters. the right characters can make u want to read the book. even if the storyline sucks u still want to know what that character might do or say. i like when i can get inside their head and go yeah thats what i would do or say.

  17. Some kind of love triangle, like in Twilight, is the most gripping thing!

  18. I need action,not just the hot romantic plot. Rib breaking, abduction, blackmailing, good crime “story” next to the romance. :):):) I can definately get it, in Ione’s books 🙂

  19. The most important element that has made me keep reading paranormal romance, is the fact that it has a very good story, so fantastic that you can imagine, well written and justified and of course if that great combination will add great sex What more can we ask ?

  20. Thank you for the awesome chance!!
    For me the strong storyline is important, I love to read a book that is going to bring me to something more in the end than good sex scenes. Sometimes I read stories and they just let me with the idea of “now what? What really happened there?…”

  21. The book must have my full attention so it’s needs to have a small cliff hanger at every chapter to keep me turning not so much a sexy character

  22. I’m from Philippines, I love reading any kind of books but during rainy days my favorite books to have are paranormal romance book. I accidentally read one of Larissa Ione’s Demonica series and right after that first book i just can’t get enough of it, i tend to get obsessed by her books. Such creativity with the characters and the plot, i get inculcated with such creativity. I have been waiting for this series for months,i wish i could have a copy of it

  23. The most important thing for me in a paranormal novel is that the heroine be strong. I can’t stand a whimpy female. She should be able to kick butt and take names and still be sexy! I like the hero to be tall, dark, strong, hansome, and dangerous. I love the relationships in books by JR Ward and Larissa Ione. Also, I really feel I should be one of the winners of this contest because I’ve NEVER won a single thing in my entire life and I’m 43yrs old! I may not have much time left to win anything!!!!!

  24. Good sex is a must, a like a different story line, strong characters and all that but its the sex that makes it!!

  25. I have only just started reading this genre and I am really enjoying it. For me the book needs to have a clever and mysterious storyline with an element of detective work or puzzle solving. If there is a good looking hero that is a bonus but not essential. I also like books to have a definite beginning, middle and end – so many potentially good books trail away at the end making you wonder what it was all about.

  26. It has to make you jump in places, but have strong characters too, so you really believe in the romance

  27. For me its having a good story line, one which makes me say to myself ‘just one more page’ over and over again until I’ve found myself reading for an hour longer than I planned.

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