Lethal Rider International Giveaway [closed]

 It’s give-away time again and courtesy of Piatkus, we have ten (yes TEN!) copies of Larissa Ione’s brilliant Lethal Rider to go to happy new homes.  Both Tracey and I reviewed it and we LOVED it!

We decided that our readers outside the UK needed some book love too so we are throwing this open internationally.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post and answer this question : What is the most important element for you, in a paranormal romance? Is a sexy hero/heroine a must, good sex scenes to tickle your fancy, maybe a strong storyline is what beguiles you into turning the pages.  Or is it something else entirely?

You must use a valid email address (we are the only ones who can see it and will only be used for the purpose of this give-away), or we won’t know how to contact you and then you won’t be able to read this book and will be sad 🙁

The give-away will run from today until midnight BST on Thursday 26th July.  Winners will be drawn randomly on Friday 27th July.

Good Luck! (And remember you MUST leave a comment to be in with a chance!)

NB: All comments are manually moderated, so if we’re currently asleep, your comment won’t show up straight away.  Don’t worry, you only need to comment once, and we’ll moderate them again in the morning, thanks for your interest.

Edit: That’s it – give away is closed, thanks to everyone who took part, we’ll do the draw tomorrow and e-mail the 10 winners to get addresses.


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  1. If I am reading a new Para-Romance, I immediately look to see if the main characters will have chemistry. A few new authors send incompatible characters into some whirlwind romance that seems too fake. It can totally kill the mood for the rest of the novel.

  2. String heroine. Weak, cry baby females who let their men do everything(especially fight) for them irks me like nothing else.

  3. There’s got to be a tough, sexy hero. It is all about the image of the man you conjure up!!

  4. The most important thing for me is the connection. I need to beleive the story and the relationships between characters and that way I connect to the book and or series and can enjoy the journey with the charcters.


  5. For me a paranormal romance has to have a hero with which you can identify. But there should not be a long introduction of the story, of the characters and of the romance of characters. The best is to start a book in the middle of something. 🙂

  6. There has to be some new element to a book or series. Something like the creatures appearing (vampires, weres etc.) or the setting for example.
    For me, Larissa’s Horsemen are refreshing and an absolutely brilliant idea! Love them!

  7. For me, it’s a second story line of events. Yeah, yeah, we all know the romance side of it ( boy meets girl, girl/ boy has been hurt before, both try to resist the obvious connection but are drawn to each other anyway….. ) but I enjoy the what happens in between the sexual encounters. Ok, I lied i also enjoy the sexual encounters!!!!

  8. I love paranormal romance, and this series is one of my favourite.
    To me the most relevant elements to make a good paranormal romance are definitely a sexy hero/heroine and sensual, slow building sexual tension leading to scorching sex scenes, cleverly weaved with a strong and intelligent storyline. I also love it when an author keeps further enticing me into the story with unexpected twists, adding crescent excitement to the characters’ adventure, and then, of course, ending with an all-consuming “happily ever after”. 🙂

  9. For me its all of the above, a sexy hero/heroine a must, good sex scenes to tickle your fancy, maybe a strong storyline is what beguiles you into turning the pages. I love a well rounded book!

  10. Of course, it must have a sexy main hero/heroine and strong storyline. Without both, it hard to get into story and keep me turning the pages!

  11. For me the story should have a strong hero and a strong heroine…they should have a great story with alot of action to keep me interested, great sex scenes of course…lol….and an amazing bad guy to try to tear them apart…Nothing should be easy in a great love story, and in Larissa Ione’s books she makes sure you are captured from the moment you look at the cover and open to the first page!

  12. A lot of times, the cover art will get my attention right away if Im just browsing and get me to read the basis of the story. If there is a mix of romance, danger, suspense, (and a hot scene never hurt)…then Ill be a happy reader. So far I have only ever found 1 book I could not get into after 100 pages and stopped reading. I also like the side characters getting detail also, then it leads to a series of books with the same characters and the story can evolve.

  13. Lethal Rider is my fav in the series! I just love Than and Regan. Eternal Rider was my fav in the series until I read Lethal Rider. I have read Lethal Rider several times now and each time I fall in love with them all over again. Can’t wait for Rogue Rider.

  14. Quite simply… unpredictability.
    A novel that shatters all of the stereotypical cliches and formulas

  15. It needs to have a good story line. I like an author to surprise me with their imagination, and manipulation of characters.

  16. I want to fall in love with the hero and root for the heroine to get her man. LOL I love when there is some suspense mixed in, something to keep me on the edge of my seat. Plus great sex is always nice. 😀

  17. A strong line is a must but if it has a little bit of everything else than its mind blowing and I wont sleep until I finish it!

  18. I love a paranormal romance with a great plot/story-line that keeps you engrossed in the book or the whole series , one that you know no matter how many times you re-read them you’ll be hooked and unable to put the book down at all 😀 also not just the fact that the main characters are good but the lesser known character(s)s are also good and in fact could be the ones you find more your fave character(s) of the book. Having both the hero and heroine being tough-ass characters is always great they’re partners, will fight each other and will not always agree with one another which make for some very interesting arguements and yeah when they make-up those scenes are always good 😀

    Love Larissa’s books thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  19. I love the how detailed the sex scenes are and how the books just draw you in and make you want to keep reading but when your done with the book its like man now i got to wait for the next one 🙁 they would make some great movies XXX rated movies lol 😛

  20. I like strong characters that I can visualize from the beginning. But I also want characters to have some weaknesses, not all powerful, and an element of surprise. Sex is great, IF the chemistry is there.

    If I start reading and I see grammar/spelling errors, well I usually am done reading. Paranormal writers who are out for a quick buck annoy me a lot.

  21. The characters definitely are what catches me when reading. The herione must be strong and the hero must be hot and dangerous! I love that combo!

  22. Sexy hero and tough heroine are a must for me. The hero can save the world for the heroine but I prefer she don’t cry like a baby whenever problems come. Strong & fresh storyline, imaginative yet believable new world for the readers, mixing the story with history, legend or epic works for me. A couple great sex scenes add the sizzle LOL:) but please not in the middle of action:p

  23. I think a great romance needs all three. Without which you could lose interest quickly. Also, when dealing with a series, I love how many of the characters from previous stories are still incorporated into the new one. Almost like a refresher in case you have forgotten.

  24. I think the storyline is the most important thing, followed by the hot hero and the sex as second equal!

  25. Yay! Love Larissa’s books! She had me with her first book for the Sems brothers. I love that she brought the horsemens into it and broke into another series.

  26. Definitely a strong storyline! If the first few pages/first chapter don’t catch my interest, I most likely won’t continue.

  27. For me a good storyline, plenty of sexy slow moving tension and very hot sex and a very handsome knock down hot guy will do the trick for me. Also must have page turning action.

  28. I think that the combination of all those things that were mentioned in the question are critical to a good story. With that said, the thing that keeps me turning the page (and sometimes even looking a little forward in the book), that gets my heart beating faster, that makes my breath catch in my throat, is the magnetism that one soul has as it reaches out toward the soul that it has searched a lifetime for, finds it in the least expected place, and grasps it. Never letting it go.

  29. I can’t pick just one.I think all three of the mentioned things matter. I mean of course they have to be sexy hot guys and beautiful girls,sexy sex scenes,and if the story sucks then it’s no fun either and suspense as ti what will happen in the next chapter or book if a series

  30. “a strong storyline is what beguiles you” – without the strong storyline the rest becomes just another book of sex and mayhem.


  31. I love to have a strong story, and a compatible couple. I like the heroine to be smart, independent, and somewhat snarky. I love when the heroine shows the hero that she is as strong as he is, whether it is mentally or somewhat physically. I like the hero to be decisive, no games and no indecision. I hate when the couple doesn’t talk things out. Every story doesn’t fit a precise format. I like them to be able to laugh and be able to laugh at themselves. I like good smexy love scenes. I’m really not a fade to black kind of reader.

  32. I think a good story need to have a sexy hero/heroine, good sex scenes, and a strong storyline if you dont have all three it leaves the story boring. I picked up one of Larissa Ione books by chance at the store because they did not have the one I was looking for at the time. I finished it in a day and was online looking for all the others the next day. I love the books they have everything I need for a great book. I cant wait for her to write more.

  33. Larissa is an excellent writer and storyteller. I love the complexity of her settings and characters. She offers food for thought!

  34. I love a strong hero and good chemistry between the H/H, but also need a strong world or setting for them, which I guess means the story is equally important to me.

    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  35. A good book MUST have a good story line. I occasionally find myself skipping pages when the sex scenes start to take up too much time, although I love a good sex scene too. 🙂

  36. If I have to pick one thing I’m persnickety about when it comes to paranormal romance – or any kind of romance novel for that matter – it would have to be the heroine. She has to be smart and capable and not prone to make too-stupid-to-live decisions. Sexy and confident follows next, but looking good is not really a must for me.

  37. the backbone for a paranormal romance is the chemistry of the protagonists, who has a good case history to develop good romance. So if history should also call the reader so that a good body and attributes in the protagonist is not bad to keep open the imagination hehe

  38. I love Larissa Ione’s books! I would love to win a copy. Thank you so much for having this competition.

  39. Its the main characters, the other characters that surrond them and the story that most captures the essence of a pranormal romance for me. They bring a book to life in my mind for me.

  40. There has to be a good, solid story line. Not too many sex scenes or it becomes boring, you only need enough to fuel your imagination. Characters are also very important, needing to be realistic and interesting.

  41. I love a good storyline – one that has a strong heroine and a hot moody male at conflict with one another! Denying each other and ending in an epic sex scene! Yes that is it!!!!

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