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 The Ghostwalkers are an elite group of physically and psychically enhanced soldiers, so secret most people do not know of their existence. Those who do  seem to want to destroy them or experiment on them! In a compound home to some of the most deadly Ghostwalkers and their families, Sam Johnson welcomes Azami Yoshie and her brothers – the owners of the most sophisticated satellite technology company anywhere in the world.  There is an instant connection between Sam and Azami, but her very presence can threaten the safety of the Ghostwalkers and their families. Can Sam trust what his heart is telling him or should he go with the uneasiness in his gut?

I have been eagerly awaiting this book since I finished reading the previous ones last year and I was not disappointed, I think this is the best one yet. It was great to be plunged back into the world of the Ghostwalkers and even better this book focused on the compound where the original Ghostwalkers and their families live.

Sam is portrayed very differently to how previous alpha males in this series have been. He is not as controlling or demanding towards his woman which makes a nice change. He is no pushover however, more resigned to the fact she is a fighter and he will never change that. It could also be something to do with the fact that when they are alone, Azami is dedicated to waiting on her man, as her upbringing and culture taught her. I did notice a softening in attitude of the other males with their partners – clearly they have finally accepted the women are always right!

I really liked Azami, a silent assassin but can kick butt with the best of them – including Sam. I found it intriguing the number of places she had weapons, even what she used as a weapon! It was also interesting seeing the two sides to her – the aggressive warrior/assassin in public and a woman determined to wait on her man in private.

The majority of the book takes place within the Ghostwalker compound but there is a foray into enemy territory towards the end of the book and a major fire-fight near the beginning. If you are a big fan of the action scenes you may feel the end chapters were a bit of an afterthought, as if the author thought ‘oops I had better send them off somewhere to fight’.  I do feel however, there is a good mix of action, emotion and of course sex!

I really enjoyed having the story brought back round to include the original Ghostwalkers and it was interesting seeing the powers their children  are developing, I look forward to seeing this aspect of the story developed in future books.

Of course Whitney seems to be getting more evil and unhinged. We find out more of the atrocities he committed on young girls in the name of science and we start to get a clearer picture of how high his influence actually goes.

As with the previous books I would not recommend reading this out of order, or not until you have read the first three or four books at least. With each book we discover more about Whitney and while, as long as you have the basics you could read this, you will definitely feel you are missing out chunks of information.

If you have enjoyed the previous Ghostwalker books you should love this, I know I did.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

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  • Author: Christine Feehan
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