The Reasons for Marriage

 Jason Montgomery, Duke of Eversleigh, has finally realised he has to take a wife before his aunts go and choose one for him. He has a list of what the perfect wife should be, and love does not even come into the equation; a wife who will be happy to spend her time running his estate and allow him the freedom to continue with his forays in London.

Lenore Lester has no desire to marry, is very happy living in the country looking after her father and running the household. Her brothers parties allow her the chance to play hostess, but she makes sure to make herself as inconspicuous as possible particularly given the type of gentlemen who are usually invited. Unfortunately the Duke of Eversleigh saw through her disguise immediately and set about signalling his interest while seeing her as his perfect wife.

I enjoyed this story as I do with all of Stephanie Laurens books. I think this is an early book with the hero and heroine not as bolshy as in some of her later books, but that made a nice change to read and it was very easy to fall in love with both of the characters. This is very much more a pure romance story than some of her other books and left me with a warm fuzzy feeling at the end. The story flowed nicely and I think was probably more faithful to the sort of behaviour you might expect in Regency England with regards to courtship and marriage, than some other historical romances I have read. While sex sells (and there is sex in this book make no mistake) it is refreshing to find a book more about the romance than the sex.

If you like your romance with suspense or other major plot lines this book may not be for you but me, I love a pure romance story 🙂

You can clearly see how the authors writing has changed with her later books but I love both styles and will definitely be looking to read further books about the Lester family.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

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  • Author: Stephanie Laurens
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