The Silent Grove Vol.1

 As a huge Dragon Age fan, it was brilliant to come across a graphic novel that continued Alistair’s story.  He is absolutely my favourite character in the game and having more of him in an official and visual story makes me very happy.  The Silent Grove is set ten years after Dragon Age: Origins which keeps the timeline straight with Dragon Age 2.

If you have never played the game (and I highly recommend it), choices you make throughout means you can have several different endings/epilogues. I really liked the ending David Gaider decided to go forward with; Alistair Theirin as the King of Ferelden.  The nice touch is that you don’t get much more information than that, so it still leaves you with the mysteries and daydreams of ‘what happened next’.  Also, because I am an utter fangirl, I have to say the outcome where Alistair becomes King, with or without your character involved, is my favourite.

I loved the direction of this story, looking at the legend of King Maric, Alistair’s father.  It was good to see Alistair being more confident in himself but intrinsically still the same character I fell in love with.  Since you can’t have a Dragon Age story without companions, I think I might have squealed a little seeing Varric and Isabella involved, two of my favourite characters from Dragon Age 2! The interplay and banter between them was brilliant and true to character from the games.

Now I’m not an artist, nor a huge reader of comics and graphic novels but I thought the artwork by Chad Hardin was really nicely done.  A more mature version of Alistair (but still keeping the trademark hair!) sat well with me and both Isabella and Varric were just as I would have hoped for.  There were a couple of panels that didn’t follow on as I expected but I quickly figured out the right order.  The rest was smooth reading and my only other complaint is it wasn’t long enough!

I can’t wait for volume 2, and The Silent Grove Vol.1 is a must read for any Dragon Age fan.

Book Information
  • Author: David Gaider
  • Illustrator: Chad Hardin
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Rating: ★★★★☆ 



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