Haven of Obedience

 Natalie Bowen has a very successful professional life but her personal life is a disaster! Thanks to a friend, Natalie hears about The Haven, an exclusive weekend retreat where people are shown pleasure beyond their wildest imaginings. Throwing caution to the wind, she books in where under the tutelage of the disciplined Simon, she struggles to change her controlling behaviour.

I have not read the fifty shades trilogy but am not averse to a good story involving sex, lots and lots of sex. I do however enjoy a story amongst the sex and this book did have a story running through, albeit a tenuous one, but it was not always mindless sex for the sake of it in my opinion.

This is not a book heavily into bondage but it is about relinquishing control. Physical pain was not involved despite the heavy use of the term ‘punishment’ – toss me some of that punishment is all I can say!! If this is an aspect of a relationship you are interested in, it would actually be a very good book for a couple to gain an introduction to the art of control both relinquishing and maintaining!

I was not entirely happy with the way it ended, I think there were still a few questions about how it would all work out and by the end Natalie was starting to annoy me, but overall I felt it was good and I did enjoy it.

It was easy to read and had very large print but be warned the sexual  language is very explicit and there was also group sex involved – so no reading if you are easily offended!

From what I have heard of fifty shades – if you enjoyed that, you will enjoy this. If you have never read any erotica give this a try bearing in mind the disclaimer above!

What I would say to people who enjoy reading erotica in general is to browse some of the reviews on this site, you will find numerous novels which are stories with sex in rather than sex with stories added. Believe me the sex is just as hot and just as good!

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

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  • Author: Marina Anderson
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