My Scandalous Viscount

 A member of the secret Inferno Club and a ‘lady of information’, a spy with secrets to keep and a woman who cannot resist poking her nose into other peoples business. Viscount Beauchamp (Sebastian Walker) and Carissa Portland are an unlikely pairing who end up married because Carissa just cannot mind her own business.

With one of the Inferno Club teams in Germany and an investigation into the Order occurring in England, Beau has his hands full trying to juggle Order business. The last thing he needs is a wife who will not do anything he asks and seems to be keeping secrets of her own.

I absolutely loved this story which takes place during the timeline of the previous book (My Ruthless Prince) but is set in England. If you read that review you may remember I commented on there being more plot and less romance. This story turns that around a bit and while we have a good suspense storyline, the romance element is strong – much to my delight.

Carissa and Beau have been touched upon in previous books and it was great to get their story. If you haven’t read any previous books you could be forgiven for thinking everything was a bit fast and I do recommend reading this series in order as it makes much more sense when loose ends are tied up.

Beau is a romantic at heart and I totally loved him, but as I have said before I am a sucker for romance. There is the obligatory falling out, which I knew was coming practically from the moment they were married, but true love always triumphs. Carissa is, like all of the authors heroines, strong willed and refuses to be ruled by any man, and despite her good intentions she just cannot help but poke around. It is endearing however rather than irritating.

The story arc relating to the Prometheans is all tied up in this novel but we are introduced to two new spies who will have their own stories and I cannot wait.

I’m unsure what the storyline will be for the future books, other than a good romance, with the loose ends being tied up but knowing Ms Foley, there will be an excellent sub plot in there somewhere.

If you love historical romance I really cannot recommend this series highly enough, I absolutely love it – please, please start at the beginning though with My Wicked Marquess.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  • Author: Gaelen Foley
  • Series: The Inferno Club (5)
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