Tracey’s Short Comment on 2012

 2012 was a prolific reading year, I read well over 150 books so it would be impossible to do a short review of what I particularly enjoyed. One thing that does stand out is my rediscovering my love of historical romance.  As a young adult- too far back to think about, I loved historical romances but over the past few years (thanks to Grete!) I have primarily been reading (and enjoying) paranormal romances.

At some point this year I picked up Devil’s Bride by Stephanie Laurens and was once again hooked on the glamour and splendour of regency romance. After that I kept reading and discovered a number of authors I had never read before including Lisa Kleypas and Mary Balogh. I would hazard a guess over half of my books this year have been historical romances and if I had to pick a favourite series it would have to be The Wallflowers by Lisa Kleypas.

Heres hoping 2013 will be just as prolific – I have far too many books waiting to be read and not enough hours in the day – it would be nice to be a kept woman like some of those regency heroines and do nothing but read all day, but alas, work is an irritating distraction.


Author: Tracey

I'm a 40 something avid reader of pretty much anything, have 2 kids, a cat and a husband along with a 2 seater convertible (mid life crisis car!). While I read pretty much anything I particularly enjoy paranormal romance, historical romance and general romance - guess I am sucker for a happy ending.