Without a Trace

 Trace O’Hurley is burnt out and wants nothing more than being left alone with a bottle of whiskey and his own company. Gillian Fitzpatrick has come looking for Trace in desperation, knowing he is the only one who can help her.

This is a great book by Nora Roberts, it is the fourth in the O’Hurley series and while I had not read any previously, I did not feel it affected the story at all. Trace is disillusioned and grumpy, but something about him is so very lovable – not a masculine name though! Gillian is smart, sassy and seemingly not afraid of anything. The story revolves around a super secret scientific project which could change the shape of war and Gillian is one of the scientists, along with her kidnapped brother, who developed it.

Trace has his hands full trying to find her brother and niece, stopping the terrorists from getting to Gillian and trying to persuade her she should get as far away from him as possible. Of course the latter was never going to happen. There is plenty of action and suspense, along with the romance I have come to expect from the author. All of it combined to make an excellent story, although some aspects of the plot are a bit far fetched.

Trace also has issues with his family which are explained in the prologue and I suspect is referred to in other books of the series, so we also had these issues being explored which added another dimension to the plot.

Overall this is a fast paced romantic thriller which I did not want to put down and managed to read in one sitting.

Book Information
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • Series: O'Hurley (4)
  • Buy from Amazon (UK)

Rating: ★★★★☆ 


Author: Tracey

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