This can’t be happening to her.  A random break down…an isolated mountain road, a seemingly chance meeting with a hotter-than-hot stranger. Tatyana is a modern gal who can handle any crisis, but before she knows what’s hit her, she’s sensing a hideous threat, not to her but to this man who draws her like a moth to flame. Hunter.

“I know things…I saw it.”

When the attack comes, she is his protection from a diabolical enemy, even as he initiates her into a startling world of magic, sorcery and sensuality. For in a moment of terrifying danger a spark has been struck, and neither can escape the erotic fire to come…

Wow this was hot and steamy but still had a great plot! There is so much going on that the description above doesn’t do it justice. I understand that this is hopefully the first book in a new series but oddly, it read as if there should have been one before and I felt like I was missing the story that set the scene for this one. There were a lot of references to it and in all fairness, I thought that even if there had been a previous book, then I wouldn’t rush to read it because most of it is given away here.

There are a lot of characters all living in a coven together that there is a lot of potential for future books, which I would definitely be eager to read. What little I learned about the secondary characters, I loved.

Hunter – sex on legs, gorgeous and to die for, I think I am in love with him myself.  Tatyana is a very strong character and definitely no shrinking violet when it comes to sex! The banter between the two of them is good and the sex is explosive – it has been a while since I have said this, but get a cold shower ready!

I love the world, the concept and the characters but I do have one criticism in that there was a lot of sex and it did detract a little from the story. While the plot was very good, it did seem to get rushed along a bit; one minute they were talking about what to do and the next it was in progress with no preparation. I would have liked a bit more explanation but want to keep the sex too, so really the book needed to be double the size.

Overall a good book, steamy, sensual and erotic – works for me!

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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  • Author: Jacquelyn Frank
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