Once Upon a Tower

 Gowan Stoughton, Duke of Kinross is used to having everything he wants, and after meeting Lady Edith Gilchrist, he wants her as his duchess. As with everything else in his life it is sorted quickly and efficiently. While they are very compatible outside the bedroom, inside it just isn’t working, cracks start to appear and communications break down culminating in a locked tower and a stormy night.

Another great book from Eloisa James, she always manages to evoke strong emotions in me. I sobbed in parts during this, and my heart was breaking for Gowan and Edie. At other times Gowan made my heart melt, “You’re my lodestone and my North Star”, how perfect is that?

Both Edie and Gowan have issues relating to their upbringing and are both very young and inexperienced. At 19 and 22 respectively, this leads to a number of misconceptions about marriage. Usually all the crossed wires and misunderstandings annoy me, but for some reason with this story, it didn’t as much as usual.

In the historical romances I tend to read it’s very unusual to find the hero under the age of 30 and usually they have years of sexual experience to bring to the marriage. I liked the fact that they were learning together (or should have been!) and Gowan wasn’t the experienced rake about town.

There is another side story here involving Edie’s father’s marriage to her stepmother, Layla.  Their marriage isn’t running smoothly and again it’s the lack of understanding that marriages need to be worked at and love is not always enough on its own. Layla is a great character and has a large part to play in Edie and Gowan’s marriage – not always providing the best advice!

Chapters 39 and 40 in particular rank among the most heart wrenching, emotional, yet romantic chapters I have ever read and I could not tear myself away.

I love how Eloisa James brings the early 19th century to life and has lots of interesting information – for example, did you know that playing the cello was seen as entirely inappropriate for women due to the leg position required?

If you like your romances with murders to solve or a suspenseful element then you will be disappointed with this, but if you are a true romantic at heart you cannot fail to enjoy this and the roller-coaster of emotions it produces.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

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  • Author: Eloisa James
  • Series: Happy Ever After (5)
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