All That Bleeds

 Alissa North is a Muse, one of only a few – her magic has the power to inspire humans to achieve greatness for the good of mankind. The Muses are protected in the Etherlin community and have little freedom to be themselves.

Merrick is Ventala, a half vampire, and thus forbidden to fraternise with Muses. Since meeting Alissa years ago he has not been able to forget her and they strike up a secret friendship communicating via letters.

Alissa finds herself betrayed to her enemies by someone in her inner circle and does not know who to trust. With nowhere else to turn she places her trust and faith in the one person she should never be alone with.

The world this novel is set in was never really fully explained and although we were given a very brief  history lesson, I didn’t feel fully invested in it. Having said that, I found myself being dragged further in the longer the book went on and by the last third I was  enjoying it much more.

Alissa is clearly used to getting her own way and as a result is a strong heroine who surprisingly does not come across as spoilt. Merrick is obsessed with Alissa but not in a creepy way, although he does find it impossible to say no to her! There were a lot of characters in this book who played quite major roles and I would have liked more information on them. However, I suspect some of them will get their own books in this series and therefore we will find out their secrets then. There were plenty of twists and turns in the book and as I stated above, it got better as it went along.

There was a lot of action and not as much romance as I would have liked, but overall it was an enjoyable read. I will probably look to read the others in the series as they are released, in the hope I will find out more about this world.

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

Book Information
  • Author: Kimberly Frost
  • Series: Etherlin (1)
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