When BookThing went to Piatkus…

Tracey and I were lucky enough to be invited back to Piatkus for their Blogger party.  There was a guest… a very special guest! Who was it?

This pic was completely set up, honest!Only Sherrilyn Kenyon!

Yes I said that right!  Sherrilyn was over in the UK to do a signing tour of the amazing Styxx, she stopped by the party to say hi, have a chat and sign some books for us.  I can quite honestly say I have never met a more friendly and gracious lady, and it was a privilege to meet her in such an intimate setting.  Hearing her talk about the love she has of her family, her characters and even her fans was fantastic and I can see now how much of her ‘voice’ is in her work. She also has a mean poker face when it came to trying to get some hints for future Dark-Hunter stories.

Along with us, there were some other bloggers – Laura from Book Chick City, Sarah from Feeling Fictional, Charlotte, Nikki, Lizzie and Noemie from BestChickLit.com, Erin from Wrathsqueen’s Books and Michelle Drew from Waterstones Piccadilly.  It was lovely to meet you all!

The lady herself, Sherrilyn KenyonGrete, Sherrilyn and TraceyTracey with her VERY well read copy of AcheronMy quote on the back of Styxx!Sherrilyn and Sarah (Feeling Fictional)Laura (BCC), Tracey and Sarah (Feeling Fictional)I don't want to leeeeave!

And of course, we would never have been there at all had it not been for three lovely ladies from Piatkus! A huge thank you to Anna Boatman, Grace Menary-Winefield and Sarah Harwood for having us and continuing to feed our book addiction 😉




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