What did I get from The Wheel of Time?

Does someone, anyone, finally realise that if you don’t just talk openly and honestly with your allies, you don’t get anywhere? – No.

While I was reading the series, I made this blog post.  I made some kind of promise to go back and update it, which I didn’t really do.  I did post some questions that I hoped got answered.  There are major spoilers coming up for the series if you’ve not read it, so beware!

Here are the things I wanted answered, and whether we got them.

  • Does Moiraine survive, who rescues her if she does (does she rescue herself)?
    Answered.  Mat, Thom and Jain rescue her from the Snakes and Foxes.
  • What did Moiraine see in Rhuidean, and how much of that is ever revealed to us?
    Partially answered.  Not revealed to us in great detail, other than she saw her own rescue, and her fight with Lanfear.
  • Mat – just everything about Mat.  What does he end up doing, does he end up using the Horn? Does his death mean he’s no longer linked to it? Does anyone else realise that?
    Answered.  He died due to the balefire ‘incident’ and was brought back to life, and so is no longer linked to the horn.  Olver blows it.
  • Who is Olver, and is he Gaidal Cain?
    Strongly implied but never answered.
  • What is the taint on Saidin?  Does it ever get explained?
    Not really answered.
  • Just exactly what is going on with the seals?
    Not really answered, although there are implications.  Dark Ones touch, not quite in exactly the right place, etc.
  • How important was Herid Fel and which of the Forsaken did him in?
    Not really answered.  Min takes up Herid’s research.  We don’t really know who killed him.
  • What is going on with Lews Therin inside Rand’s head.  Are they really talking to each other?  Does Lews hear Rand in his own timeline?
    Answered.  Rand is Lews, Lews is Rand.  It’s a long story, but it works out beautifully.
  • What happens in general to the Aiel after it’s all done.
    Implied but not really answered.
  • Do the Tinkers ever find the song?
    Not answered.  Jordan said in interviews that they never will though.
  • Do the Tinkers and the Aiel ever forgive each other?
    Not answered.
  • Do Moiraine and Thom end up together?
    Answered.  Yes.
  • Does Elayne ever work out Mat’s fox-head medallion and does that play any role later?
    Answered.  Partially and yes, very much so.
  • Do they ever relearn the art of healing without having to use energy from the patient (i.e. can they heal with just the One Power, like in the Age of Legends)?
    Answered.  This is what Nynaeve has learned to do.
  • Just what the hell is Verin really up to?  Who is she, how old is she, and how long has she known about the events leading up to where we are in the books?
    Answered.  She’s accidentally Black Ajah.  It’s a long story.
  • Does Elayne ever work out how to make angreal and sa’angreal?
    Not answered.  However, Rand gives her an angreal seed, so she may be able to use that to learn.
  • Does someone, anyone, finally realise that if you don’t just talk openly and honestly with your allies, you don’t get anywhere?
  • Does someone, anyone, finally realise men and women must work together and trust each other to succeed both in the battle and in life afterwards?
    Partially answered.  Although I asked this in jest, there’s a clear implication that the cross Ashaman / Aes Sedai bonding that’s going on will lead to some kind of reconciliation at some stage.
  • What happens with Lan’s heritage, and does it play any role?
    Answered.  Yes, gloriously so.  Ahh Lan.
  • Do the Ways ever get cleansed?
    Not answered.  Implied that they don’t.
  • Does the taint get removed from Saidin (I’m cheating, I know the answer to this one already, one of the few things I remember from later books)?
    Answered.  Yes, Rand cleanses it with the help of Nynaeve.
  • What’s going on with Moridin (again, cheating, I’m not sure he’s been introduced yet)?
    Answered.  It’s Ishy innit.
  • Are some of the characters meant to be stupid for a reason?
    Not answered.
  • Is it ever explained that the ability to channel is genetic and hence killing male channellers before they have kids is the reason why fewer people in general can use the One Power, or is it only ever alluded to?
    Not answered.
  • Does someone chop Nynaeve’s braid off to save us all from ourselves?
    Answered.  No.
  • Does Elayne ever take up the Throne of Andor?
    Answered.  Yes.
  • Does Rand end up with all three girls or does that dream ever get abandoned / explained?
    Answered.  Yes, he gets the girls.
  • Does Perrin hold out and remain human?
    Answered.  Yes but it’s more complex than that, and his story is one of the best.
  • Does the Tower become whole? Do they stop using the Oath Rod? Is that ever fully explained?
    Answered.  Yes, and no, they continue to use it, even though they understand it’s side effects now.
  • Padan Fain – what happens to him?
    Answered.  Sanderson ran out of space, but Fain gets an ending.
  • Who does and doesn’t survive the last battle (people, nations, structures, cities, etc.)
    Kind of answered.  It’s a bloody mess by the end.
  • Does Rand fully seal the prison, so that it looks like the bore never existed, is this the age in which that happens, or is it just another patch?
    Answered.  Sealed, no patch.
  • Once again, who’s Moridin?
    Answered.  Still Ishy.
  • Who’s in the second mindtrap?
    Answered.  Moghedian and Lanfear.
  • What was going on with Liah in Shadar Logoth?  How did she survive so long?
    Not answered.
  • Do we ever know what happened when the two balefire beams touch?
    Not answered.  Implication that it brings Moridin and Rand somehow ‘closer together’ so that they can affect each other’s bodies or feel each other’s pain.

And there you have it.



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