Why do I keep books I have read?

I was talking about my books the other day with a friend who asked what the point was of keeping a book I have already read. I said to re-read of course to which they asked me why?

Well this made me think a bit, why do I re-read books when I have so many other books still yet to read? For me the answer is twofold, firstly, when a new book in a series comes out it may have been a year since the last one so I will re-read the previous book. If it is a series I love I will read all the books before starting the new one – I am a very quick reader so this does not take as long as it sounds! The second reason is that sometimes I want to read something I know I will love, I might not be in the mood to read something new or be in an odd mood reading wise. For me then sometimes books are like comfort blankets, old friends into which I can escape.

Over the past few months I have re-read a number of series including the JD Robb In Death series, The Wallflowers by Lisa Kleypas, the entire Cynster series by Stephanie Laurens and Gaelen Foleys Knight Miscellany series. Clearly I have been primarily in a historical romance mood!

Ultimately you never know when you will want to re-read a book – with a kindle it is easy as they are always there but there is something wonderful about walking into a room and seeing shelves of books floor to ceiling. I can escape to anywhere I want to in the past, present, future and even to worlds that don’t exist – or do they!

Would love to know what other people do, do you keep books or once read do they go forever?



Author: Tracey

I'm a 40 something avid reader of pretty much anything, have 2 kids, a cat and a husband along with a 2 seater convertible (mid life crisis car!). While I read pretty much anything I particularly enjoy paranormal romance, historical romance and general romance - guess I am sucker for a happy ending.

3 thoughts on “Why do I keep books I have read?”

  1. We do donate a lot of books to Oxfam (they love us!) But I do keep a lot of books. And yes rereading – the comfort blanket of certain texts – is a real treat. Gaiman’s Sandman series every year just for one! (And this reminds me I owe some reviews. Apologies!)

  2. Sometimes it’s not the plot: the book might have an amazing turn of phrase that captures a sunrise, or the frustration of sitting in L.A. traffic. I want to remember those words, the way the sentence is put together to lead your mind from place to place. Or, I just might want to share the book with someone.

  3. It’s good to know I am not alone! Most people I speak to just don’t see the point!

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