All good things must come to an end…

As you can see from when the last review was posted, there has been a distinct lack of activity on the posting front.  My health has declined to a point where if I do manage to get through a book, I don’t have the energy to review it and the guilt of feeling that I am constantly failing on this front is too much (even as self imposed as it is).

However, I’ve worked (and enjoyed doing so) too hard to close everything down, so I am just going to leave it up and hope the drive and energy to build BookThing back up returns.

But for now, I’m just going to let it rest.

If I could ask any places that have this site listed as open to review requests to please remove it, as I can’t seem to track them down and I am starting to get overwhelmed.

Thank you for the support and help that has been given to me, and those that have reviewed for me because without you, it wouldn’t have become the success it was for a while.

Much love


Author: Grete

I'm a complete bookaholic and never want a cure... more shelf space maybe. The only things I love more than reading is my husband and my cats!