The Lucy Kincaid Series

I absolutely love these novels and cannot stress enough how great I think they are. Each book manages to drag my emotions through the wringer and the last couple in particular have had me sobbing.

Allison Brennan is an author that is new to me, who I discovered about 6 weeks ago. I devoured the books so quickly I felt it would be better to review this series as a whole rather than individual books.

The Lucy Kincaid series consists of the following books :

  • Love is Murder (0.5)
  • Love me to Death
  • Kiss me, Kill me
  • If I should die
  • Silenced
  • Stalked
  • Reckless (novella)
  • Stolen
  • Cold Snap
  • Dead Heat
  • Best Laid Plans
  • No Good Deed
  • The Lost Girls

NB: I have read all of them except Love is Murder and Stolen.

Lucy Kincaid is an aspiring FBI agent who survived a horrific attack as  a teenager but is determined not to let it ruin her life. She comes from a family who fights injustices both on the right and sometimes wrong side of the law.

This series starts while Lucy is in the application process for the FBI and moves through to her working as an FBI agent- and there are more books to come – yay!! It also focuses on her developing relationship with Sean Rogan and the trouble they manage to get into together.

I absolutely love these novels and cannot stress enough how great I think they are. Each book manages to drag my emotions through the wringer and the last couple in particular have had me sobbing.

While Lucy does have emotional scars, she is a very strong character who is constantly fighting against the protectiveness of her family. They think her earlier experiences mean she is unable to deal with the challenges of everyday life. Sean is a security expert and super hot ? but comes with his own baggage, but together they are a formidable force.  Sean does not always work within the law and Lucy does not like working outside it, so while he usually ends up involved in her investigations, the results are not always positive.

The mysteries in each book are complex and intriguing and I love the way both Lucy and Sean’s families are often involved with solving/ interfering in the various cases. As the series progresses we see more of their involvement, in particular Kane Rogan and Jack Kincaid who both work as mercenaries, but often end up helping the FBI. We also see Lucy working with partners other than Sean and as she is having to adapt to their various styles, this does not always go well!

While each book has a stand alone story, I recommend reading them in order to truly appreciate the character nuances and development. Having said that, I have not read Stolen and do not feel I missed anything. If you can’t read them in order, I recommend that you definitely read ‘Best Laid Plans’ before ‘No Good Deed’ as they do follow on.  There isn’t a cliffhanger in ‘Best Laid Plans’ but these two are by far the best in the series.

The latest book I have read is The Lost Girls, and again this is brilliant. I was completely immersed and was even thinking about the book when I wasn’t able to read it! It is very emotional and has some very dark moments. There is a lot going on and tension builds between Lucy and Sean as they both deal with the emotional fallout from their respective cases.

I absolutely cannot wait for the next in the series which I have pre-ordered – the only disadvantage is that these books are not available on kindle in the U.K. ? And the new book comes from America so having to get it 3 weeks later than release.

This series is, in my opinion, as good as if not better than the In Death series by J.D. Robb – if you know me, you know that is high praise! Hopefully these will be available on Kindle in the U.K. soon so that a new set of readers can discover this amazing set of books.

If you wanted to read the series before this, where Lucy is attacked (set 6 years before these novels occur) you need to read the Evil trilogy, but this is not essential to appreciate the Lucy Kincaid books.

  • Speak No Evil
  • See no Evil
  • Fear no Evil ( this is the one with Lucy involved)

I discovered this author by accident but am so glad I did!

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Book Information
  • Author: Allison Brennan
  • Series: Lucy Kincaid
  • Genre: romantic suspense














Jacqueline Carey

About Jacqueline Carey

Best known for the epic Kushiel’s Legacy series, she has won several (and well deserved) awards for her work.  She currently resides in Michigan although she loves to travel. Surprisingly to me, she has no tattoos!

Jacqueline Carey’s Official Author Site

My Comments

If I had to choose just one word to describe Carey’s Kushiel’s Legacy series it would be ‘Breathtaking’.  It had been a while since I had read a fantasy series that was so smooth to read, absorbing and utterly engaging.  The world and characters she creates are wonderfully real and I just love them all.  I can’t recommend it highly enough and is always on my list of recommendations when asked by friends for something to read.


Kushiel’s Legacy

Naamah Trilogy

The Sundering

Santa Olivia

J. R. Ward

About J. R. Ward

With law school, working in healthcare and chief of staff of an eminent academic medical centre in her background, she is now one of the most loved writers of paranormal romance.  A woman of many passions – Writing, her husband, her golden retriever and her coffee pot!

My Comments

Having read and reviewed Covet, I decided to delve into what else J. R. Ward had written.  I like to start at the beginning of a series, even if it isn’t strictly necessary, just because I like to know where a character has come from or what has shaped them into the person they are.  The Black Dagger Brotherhood books are very tied in together and while you could read them out of order, it would be a shame to miss out on the multiple plot threads running through from where they first started in Dark Lover.  It was actually a book that surprised me a lot and clicked with me right from the start.  The characters are powerful, sexy, rough and ready and very appealing,  the writing style very crisp and clean, easy to read and very engaging.  Add in a good story to that mix and you have a set of books you will want to read right through one after the other and be left wanting more.  Superb paranormal romance at it’s finest!


Black Dagger Brotherhood

Fallen Angels

Rachel Caine

About Rachel Caine

Rachel Caine (aka Roxanne Conrad) is a bestselling author of Urban Fantasy with 2 series for adults and one for young adults.  With an award winning paranormal romance also to her credit, she is enjoyed by readers, young and old.  She lives with her husband and 2 beloved pet iguanas in Fort Worth and still manages to hold down a day job!

My Comments

I picked up the first Weather Wardens book on the recommendation of a friend, and I was intrigued by the world of the Djinn that Rachel Caine had created.  It was unique and fresh and I loved that the magic in the world came in the form of talented people who had an affinity for different elements and could affect them accordingly.  It was a nice change from the paranormal romances I had been guzzling up until that point.  I’ve not had a chance to read the first book in the Outcast series yet, a Weather Warden side series, but am looking forward to it.

The Morganville Vampire series, even though written for young adults, were still a good read and again provided a fresh look at the vampire mythos and a whole town controlled by them, allowing humans to live there by sufferance and following a set of rules.  She creates characters who you can empathise with, even though they may not be all human and her writing style is fluid and easy to read.  The plots may not be overly complex but she isn’t afraid to throw her major characters into a tailspin and I have to admire her for that.  Definitely recommended if you want a good read!


Weather Wardens

Outcast Season

Morganville Vampires

Red Letter Days

Karen Chance

About Karen Chance

Growing up in Orlando Florida, the bestselling novelist has lived in several countries before returning to Florida and settling in DeLand.  With books translated into several languages and a nomination for Readers Choice for best Urban Fantasy Novel in 2008 she is a force to be reckoned with.  A bit like her characters!

My Comments

I was introduced to these books by a friend and I’m glad I heeded her advice.  Karen Chance creates an often dizzying world of vampires, clairvoyants, mages and the ultimate headspin of time travel.  Her main character Cassandra Palmer is a gutsy heroine that got dropped in the deep end by becoming the world’s chief clairvoyant with no formal training or preparation.  The charm of the books is how she deals with it and interacts with those around her, even those who would see her dead.  My favourite secondary characters have to be Pritkin, the mad mage and Mircea, one hot vampire, both who have a vested interest in her and seeing her stay alive.  The books are well written, the stories engaging and above all, you care about what happens to the characters.  Well worth reading.


Cassandra Palmer

Dorina Basarab

Short stories

Sherrilyn Kenyon

About Sherrilyn Kenyon

Sherrilyn Kenyon is one of the writers who helped shape the genre of paranormal romance into the phenomenon it has become today.  She lives in Missouri with her husband, sons, pets, a collection of swords and a plethora of imaginary friends which she likes to play with and share their stories with us.  Her books are always at number one spots in the charts where they certainly deserve to be, and there are more than 18 million in print in over 35 different countries. (Official Fan Community)

My Comments

The first Sherrilyn Kenyon book I picked up was Night Play.  I hadn’t read much paranormal romance but the blurb on the back intrigued me and I thought I would give it a try.  I didn’t expect to read a book rich in dark humour, stunning characters, steamy scenes and fast paced plot.  The world she created was amazingly detailed, based on our own but with an unseen side of dark-hunters and were-hunters, gods and monsters.  I was hooked.

Having read every book I can get my hands on, in all the different genres she writes in, I am astounded by her imagination and creativity.  She is prolific (thankfully!) but spares no detail because of it and I always have the feeling she genuinely loves each character, that they are real to her and because of that, makes them real for the reader through her writing.

If I had to choose just one author to recommend for Paranormal Romance, Sherrilyn Kenyon would be it,  as a few friends who are also now fans can attest!



Dark Hunter Manga

Short Stories

Lords of Avalon

The League


Jim Butcher

About Jim Butcher

Jim enjoys various diverse hobbies – martial arts, fencing, singing, riding, roleplaying and while that should make him seem like a fairly scary individual, all reports suggest he is a very nice man.  He also does LRP (Live Roleplaying) which in my book makes him fairly awesome!  He lives with his wife, son and dog and is without a doubt one of the best writers of urban fantasy and fantasy I’ve come across in a long time.

My Comments

I managed to start the Dresden Files right at the beginning with Storm Front and was blown away (no pun intended!) by Harry Dresden.  As a character he is brilliant, sarcastic, enigmatic and often downright hilarious.  You also see him develop a more sombre, angry side which adds more depth to the character and just helps you empathise with him all the more.  The books themselves are a bit like riding a runaway horse.  You can’t get off, you have to just hang on and keep going and eventually it will stop but you also know you just had the ride of your life.  They are pure entertainment and just get better with each book.  There was a short lived TV show which was a lot of fun and it was a crime when it was cancelled.

The fantasy side of his writing talent comes with the Codex Alera, a series based in a world where the ordinary is extraordinary and it’s down to a boy without the talents everyone else has, to use his wits and intelligence to get by.  I wasn’t reading much fantasy at this stage but since it was a Jim Butcher book I thought I would give it a go and again, it was fantastic.  Very different in theme and even writing style to the Dresden Books which I thought was good because we didn’t need another Harry Dresden but in a fantasy setting.  All I can say is give the first one a go!


Dresden Files

Short Stories

Codex Alera

Rachel Gibson

About Rachel Gibson

When not writing she can be found shoe shopping, boating with her husband or trying to love an ungrateful cat (I know that feeling!).  With numerous awards and fifteen books under her belt, she has become one of America’s (and quite a few brits too!) best loved romance authors.

My Comments

The first book I read was Simply Irresistible and it couldn’t have been more perfectly titled because it really was.  I think it was one of my first brushes with the romance genre, having had trouble finding sci-fi and fantasy to read.  It wasn’t at all what I expected.  It was funny, touching and extremely engaging.  While it was also good and steamy in places, it was also really well written and brought the characters to life in a way that made you love and care about them from the start.

Now, having devoured everything else she has written I can say that stays true in all of them.  There is not a bad book in the set and they are all very entertaining.


Janet Evanovich

About Janet Evanovich

Just like Stephanie, Janet Evanovich is a Jersey girl born and raised.   She escaped and now lives with her family in New Hampshire.  A much loved writer of romantic and crime fiction, she is probably best known for the creation of her gutsy, fiery and tenacious heroine Stephanie Plum.

My Comments

I’d had a few books from the Stephanie Plum series sitting on the shelf for a while but kept putting them off until I could find the first one (I’m one of those people who like to start from the beginning even if it’s not strictly necessary).  After talking about them with a friend, she told me I HAD to read them so I stopped procrastinating and finally ordered the first book.   She knows me too well and I was hooked by the second chapter and never looked back, devouring the whole series as fast as I could.  If I had to pick just two words to describe them, it would be ‘pure entertainment’.  They are touching, emotional, amusing and often laugh out loud funny.  As with any long running series some of the later novels can feel a bit samey, but Evanovich’s superb characterisations are what make them so enjoyable and it’s those that keep you reading and wanting more.


Stephanie Plum

Alex Barnaby

Romance Novels

With Charlotte Hughes

Jill Mansell

About Jill Mansell

Jill Mansell is a full time writer (when she’s not procrastinating) and lives in Bristol with her family. With 20 books all still in print, and over a decade of experience, she is one of Britain’s best loved writers of romantic comedy.

My comments

Perfect Timing was the first book I read by Jill Mansell, and I loved it so much I had to read it again straight away. My only experience of humourous romance up til then had been Jilly Cooper and it was a revelation to find someone who also created larger than life characters who were funny, charming, witty, and above all, very human. I regularly re-read them and I am always entertained and get very excited when she has a new book published.