When Beauty Tamed the Beast

Linnet Berry Thynne was ruined in the eyes of the ton. Caught kissing a prince who then wants nothing to do with her, not to mention it wasn’t even all that pleasant! Wearing a gown that makes her look pregnant, her humiliation and ruination is complete.

Piers Marchant a doctor and Earl has a fearsome reputation and a temper to match which has earned him the nickname of the beast. Injured as a child he is supposedly unable to perform (if you get my drift)!  With no prospect of an heir in sight his father jumps at the chance of his son having a bride, already with child and a royal one at that.

Being a medical man it does not take him long to realise things are not as they seem and despite Linnet’s beauty, he is determined she will never marry the beast.

This is another great book by Eloisa James and I really enjoyed it. It is supposedly a very loose adaptation of the fairytale Beauty and the Beast, and if the title had not indicated so, I would not necessarily have thought to associate it.

I loved the characters, Dr Piers is hilarious – his bedside manner leaves much to be desired and you get the impression his life would be much simpler if his patients died so he could cut them open and see what was going on.  Sarcasm seems to be his forte and he does not care who he upsets or what he says. Linnet is feisty, just as sarcastic and gives as good as she gets, almost enjoying taunting him. This leads to some funny conversations between the two of them.

The story is almost exclusively set in Wales and it was great to have a setting other than the traditional London for a regency romance. I found the snippets about medicine and treatment fascinating but how accurate they are I am not sure, Piers did seem ahead of his time in some aspects of his treatment. Historical accuracy is not a strong feature of this book but to be honest it was not a problem for this story. Some books need rich historical description, others don’t, the characters easily carried the story no matter how historically inaccurate some of their behaviour was!

Of course it is based on a fairytale and fairytales always have a happy ending so I got the warm fuzzies which I like in my books. It wouldn’t be an interesting or entertaining story however if there were not a number of obstacles and incidents before we reach that point.

If you are looking for a romance with accurate historical descriptions and behaviour this may not be you, if however you like a touch of humour, strong characters and can overlook the historical licence – read it!

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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  • Author: Eloisa James
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