Charlotte Arkendale needed a new ‘man of affairs’ and a bodyguard. Into her life comes Baxter St Ives, the bastard son of an Earl, who is investigating Charlotte as a possible blackmailer and murderer. After all no one really knows where her income comes from. Baxter is a chemist not a fighter and believes everything can be worked through by remaining in control and with logic, what he doesn’t anticipate is his loss of control when it comes to Charlotte.

It soon becomes apparent that dark forces are conspiring against the two of them in a deadly game, can they figure out the puzzle before anyone else gets hurt?

I really loved this book from the first page and I was drawn straight into the story and stayed gripped throughout. I am not convinced it was historically accurate but to be honest the story was so good I didn’t care. There were lots of references to science but not in too much depth I am pleased to say – I want a romance not a chemistry lesson.

Baxter had a habit of saying ‘bloody hell’ a lot, even in the presence of ladies – definitely not the done thing. Although I have to say Baxter is really not your typical gentleman, he reminded me a bit of Clark Kent  – mild, unassuming and a bit geeky but when those glasses came off, wham he could really let loose! His tendency to see everything logically made for some interesting conversations with Charlotte, particularly with matters of the heart but I was totally in love with him.

Charlotte seems to have no fear which I found hard to believe at times, particularly as she has a younger sister relying on her. She was bossy and could be irritating at times but underneath it all she is just an insecure woman struggling with unfamiliar feelings.

The story focused a lot on the murder mystery angle and not so much on the romance, but you always know it will end happily ever after. The villain was obvious to the reader from the start but it took our protagonists a while to join the dots, by which time other innocent people had been caught up in his plans. The information about mesmerism was interesting and added another dimension to the story.

This was a great read, enjoyable, witty at times and the nerd triumphs – as a bit of a nerd myself that makes the story even better!

Rating: ★★★★½ 

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  • Author: Amanda Quick
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