Cat’s Lair

Oh wow this is hot, hot, hot. The Leopard People series is my favourite of Christine’s and I loved this book.

Cat is frightened and mistrustful of everyone (with good reason), while Ridley Cromer manages to get under her skin in every way possible. She is just starting to trust him when her world comes crashing down and her past catches up with her.

 Cat Benoit has finally escaped her past. She’s off the grid, underground but watchful, and creating a new life for herself in Texas, far from the torrid dangers of her native New Orleans. She’s safe. He’ll never find her this time. Cat has to believe that, it’s the only thing keeping her sane.

Oh wow this is hot, hot, hot. The Leopard People series is my favourite of Christine’s and I loved this book.

Cat is frightened and mistrustful of everyone (with good reason), while Ridley Cromer manages to get under her skin in every way possible. She is just starting to trust him when her world comes crashing down and her past catches up with her.

The main characters in this book are strong and well written. Often I find the author’s alpha males just a bit too misogynistic for my taste but oh I loved Ridley. Yes there is the pattern of a very alpha shapeshifter but I did not think it was over the top. Cat is scared of what is within her and Ridley has to make her see that her leopard is as much a part of her as breathing. As a result there is a large part of the book just with the two of them which means lots of discussion and hot and heavy sex, with little moving forward with the plot; but hell I didn’t care  – who needs Fifty Shades is all I can say! I don’t think it detracted from the story at all and fit with Ridley trying to prepare Cat for the confrontation we know is coming.

The bad guy in all this is a nasty piece of work although very much on the periphery for most of the book.  However, when the showdown comes it is brutal for all concerned and my heart was in my mouth at times.

This book can be read as a standalone, but we do get to see characters from other books and reading the earlier ones in the series will give you more insight into the world of the Leopard people. However, having said that you could happily read this one and then you will like it so much you will want to go back to the beginning. Nothing in this book would spoil earlier books.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  • Author: Christine Feehan
  • Series: Leopard People (7)
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publisher: Piatkus
  • Genre: Paranormal Romance
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Our Week in Books – Week 16, 2013


I started the week off with Dark Demon by Christine Feehan. I’d read the first few books in the Carpathian series a while back but had to take a break after those. I really enjoyed Dark Demon in comparison to some of the earlier ones though – this Carpathian male was not as controlling or bullying and it was a much more enjoyable book as a result – 4 stars.

Having been reintroduced to the Carpathians I thought I would try another one that was even later in the series – Dark Predator. Oh dear, what a mistake. Zacarias was brutal, overpowering and a total twat! I felt his behaviour was actually the worst of any of the males in the previous books I had read and I actually felt quite uncomfortable at times. Having said that I did finish it but am now trying to decide whether to keep hold of the books I haven’t read and try them at a later date, or just get rid of them without reading! 1.5 stars – my lowest rating ever!

After that I fancied some good old fashioned sweet romance and picked up Mistletoe and Marriages – a Mills and Boon Regency double bill with stories from Annie Burrows (A Countess by Christmas) and Joanna Maitland (The Earl’s Mistletoe Bride). This definitely hit the spot and was just what I needed. Both books were very romantic with two brooding but very sexy heroes! – 4 stars.

In the historical mood again I picked up another Mills and Boon called “The Captain and the Wallflower” by Lyn Stone which was  another winner. The storyline running alongside the romance was very good and I did not want to put it down (in fact I read it in one sitting!) I love my romance anyway and this was no exception – 4 stars.

The final book of the week was Sacred Sins by Nora Roberts, one of her earlier ones from 1987, and I found it really hard to get past the fact that the hero smoked everywhere and they used a typewriter to type up police reports!!!! Having said that the story was engaging and interesting so 3 stars.


I’ve continued my Darynda Jones kick this week and I had all good intentions of pausing between books and writing the reviews.  The trouble is, I loved them so much and Charley is such a fantastic character that I couldn’t stop and ended up reading all four books one after the other *blush*  The reviews are coming though!  I blame Darynda Jones for writing such an amazing series 😉

Next up will be Full Blooded and Hot Blooded by Amanda Carlson – I read Full Blooded at the start of the year and didn’t write the review straight after (for which I am now kicking myself) so the first will be a refresher read (and since it was really good, that’s not a hardship!).

Happy Reading!

Our Week in Books is a regular blog post from Tracey and Grete, catching up on everything they’ve read recently.

Samurai Game

 The Ghostwalkers are an elite group of physically and psychically enhanced soldiers, so secret most people do not know of their existence. Those who do  seem to want to destroy them or experiment on them! In a compound home to some of the most deadly Ghostwalkers and their families, Sam Johnson welcomes Azami Yoshie and her brothers – the owners of the most sophisticated satellite technology company anywhere in the world.  There is an instant connection between Sam and Azami, but her very presence can threaten the safety of the Ghostwalkers and their families. Can Sam trust what his heart is telling him or should he go with the uneasiness in his gut?

I have been eagerly awaiting this book since I finished reading the previous ones last year and I was not disappointed, I think this is the best one yet. It was great to be plunged back into the world of the Ghostwalkers and even better this book focused on the compound where the original Ghostwalkers and their families live.

Sam is portrayed very differently to how previous alpha males in this series have been. He is not as controlling or demanding towards his woman which makes a nice change. He is no pushover however, more resigned to the fact she is a fighter and he will never change that. It could also be something to do with the fact that when they are alone, Azami is dedicated to waiting on her man, as her upbringing and culture taught her. I did notice a softening in attitude of the other males with their partners – clearly they have finally accepted the women are always right!

I really liked Azami, a silent assassin but can kick butt with the best of them – including Sam. I found it intriguing the number of places she had weapons, even what she used as a weapon! It was also interesting seeing the two sides to her – the aggressive warrior/assassin in public and a woman determined to wait on her man in private.

The majority of the book takes place within the Ghostwalker compound but there is a foray into enemy territory towards the end of the book and a major fire-fight near the beginning. If you are a big fan of the action scenes you may feel the end chapters were a bit of an afterthought, as if the author thought ‘oops I had better send them off somewhere to fight’.  I do feel however, there is a good mix of action, emotion and of course sex!

I really enjoyed having the story brought back round to include the original Ghostwalkers and it was interesting seeing the powers their children  are developing, I look forward to seeing this aspect of the story developed in future books.

Of course Whitney seems to be getting more evil and unhinged. We find out more of the atrocities he committed on young girls in the name of science and we start to get a clearer picture of how high his influence actually goes.

As with the previous books I would not recommend reading this out of order, or not until you have read the first three or four books at least. With each book we discover more about Whitney and while, as long as you have the basics you could read this, you will definitely feel you are missing out chunks of information.

If you have enjoyed the previous Ghostwalker books you should love this, I know I did.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Book Information
  • Author: Christine Feehan
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Ruthless Game

The Ghostwalkers are an elite team of men and women who have been physically, psychically and genetically enhanced, often without their consent.

On a Mission to rescue hostages in Mexico, the last thing Ghostwalker Kane Cannon expects to find is Rose Patterson – former Ghostwalker, fugitive and pregnant with his child.

Forced into a breeding program by Dr Whitney, Rose escaped with the help of Kane after she was impregnated by him. Now Kane has found her, he is not going to let her or his unborn child disappear again – despite the fact that Rose seems to trust nothing and no-one.

I discovered this series about 6 weeks ago, read them in order and Ruthless game is the ninth in the Ghostwalker series (not that they are difficult to put down or anything!!!) It would be so easy for the books to become repetitive and indeed there is a formula to all the books (which works well), but Christine Feehan manages to keep the story in each book fresh and I do not feel like I am reading the same stories at all. The plot surrounding Dr Whitney unravels a bit more with each book and is as integral to the series as the individual Ghostwalkers.

This book moves along at a faster pace than some of the others and while the relationship between the main characters is obviously the focus of the story, there is a lot more involvement with the rest of the team and much more action. I feel like I have got to know all the team members rather than just the main characters and cannot wait until their stories come out. As with the other books, the male lead is smoking hot and the sex scenes are even hotter.

I do not want to spoil it by giving too much away but at the end of the book we do start to get some idea of what the next generation of Ghostwalkers will be like.

If you have not read any of this series yet, do! Start from the beginning however, because although the story could be read as a stand alone, the reader may become confused by the underlying plot threads. Reading the series in order has definitely made it much more enjoyable and I am eagerly awaiting the next in the series.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

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  • Author: Christine Feehan
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Hidden in the jungles of Borneo live a race of creatures; neither human nor leopard but something in between.  Able to shift to either form, they live in empathy with the rainforest and its numerous inhabitants, serving as protectors and guardians against poachers and bandits.

Fever is two stories brought together in one volume.  I’ve not read much by Christine Feehan so far and this is the first of the Leopard People books.

The Awakening is a nine chapter story establishing the setting for the series and it was entertaining enough, although the male lead did bug me a little by being too overbearing.  It was a decent introduction to the setting and I liked the concept but it suffered for being so short.  I think if there had been more time to get to know the character of Brandt, he would have come across much better and not felt so suffocating.

Wild Rain is the longer Novella and was a much better read.  There was time to build empathy with the characters of Rachael and Rio, explore their background, even if most of it was shrouded in secrecy until they were able to open up to each other.  Of course that doesn’t happen until after quite a lot of sex and bonding.  I did come to like them, enough that I cared about what happened to them.

The plot was a little contrived but it was interesting and again I liked the concept Feehan has created with this series and the Leopard People.  The pace was smooth, I didn’t feel it was dragging at all and even though most of the novella takes place in one location due to an injury, it didn’t get boring.

As a book, it didn’t light me on fire.  I felt that the characters were quite formulaic and it didn’t quite engage me to the levels that other authors in this genre have but it was an enjoyable enough read that I am interested in reading the next book in the series.

No great shakes but enjoyable nonetheless.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

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  • Author: Christine Feehan
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Dark Curse

As a child, trapped and tormented in a labyrinthe of ice caves, imprisoned and fed on by her father and grandfather, Lara Calladine saved her sanity by talking to her aunts, great dragons who were also imprisoned, encased in ice.  It was their sacrifice that allowed her to escape and find a life for herself away from those who tortured her so.  Now she returns, haunted by the memories that she isn’t quite convinced were real.  Half-Mage, half-Carpathian she wants to reclaim her heritage and her childhood.  Meeting the arrogant, dangerous and virile Nicolas De La Cruz was definitely not amongst her plans and especially not being his lifemate.

This is the first book by Christine Feehan I have read and I have to say my initial impressions were not good.  I found it hard to get past how incredibly mysogynistic and chauvenistic the male characters were.  I found it offputting and felt it was just an excuse for them to finally meet their soulmates after centuries of loneliness and then suddenly after being that way for hundreds of years would be a changed man, loving and giving and treat the female character as an equal.  I’m not sure what the underlying message was supposed to be, and it bugged me.

Having got that out of the way, the story was engaging, the characters interesting and the whole Carpathian society and ‘world’ is rich and diverse.  The plot was quite intricate leading to greater empathy with the major characters and a better understanding of their way of life and perhaps why the male Carpathians are the chauvenists they are.

There are quite a few steamy scenes which I felt were modern in setting but quite old fashioned in description and that does make it a change from your average paranormal romance.  It’s not a bad thing, just different and succeeded in creating an emotive experience for me as the reader.

The pace was good in general although there were a few parts where it felt slow.   I found myself wanting it to move along which it invariably did and I was swept up into the story again.

All in all it was well written and engaging, just the chauvenism I found hard to get past and while that won’t stop me reading more by Christine Feehan (this being the 17th in the series so I have a way to go once I read Book 1!), I will be expecting it next time.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Book Information
  • Author: Christine Feehan
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Coming Soon!

With my back issues slowing me down, I’ve gotten behind in reviews, so here are a few things to look forward to now I am back in action (no pun intended unless you found it funny in which case it was completely intentional!).

Reviews in process :

Red-Headed Stepchild – Jaye Wells
Midnight Alley (Morganville Vampires book 3) – Rachel Caine

Waiting to be read and reviewed :

A Princess of Landover – Terry Brooks
Heat Stroke (Weather Warden book 2) – Rachel Caine
Feast of Fools (Morganville Vampires book 4) – Rachel Caine
Dark Curse (Carpathian) – Christine Feehan
Blood Noir (Anita Blake 15) – Laurell K. Hamilton
Born of Night (The League book 1) – Sherrilyn Kenyon
206 Bones – Kathy Reichs
Covet – J.R. Ward

And now to lose myself in fantastical worlds, more soon 🙂