The Taming of Ryder Cavanaugh

 Now that her sister has discarded her spinster ways and become betrothed it’s finally Mary Cynster’s chance for true love. She knows exactly who she wants and it’s not someone as wild, unmanageable and sinfully seductive as Ryder Cavanagh.

Starting a new Cynster novel is like snuggling with a good lover; romantic, sexy, hot and ultimately very satisfying.  This book is no exception.

Mary is the last of the current generation to get married and probably the bossiest of  all the Cynster females, while Ryder reminded me of the earlier Cynsters such as Devil (who is still my favourite by the way!) It was amusing to watch Ryder try to dissuade Mary from her first choice and even more amusing to see the way Mary seemed determined to plough on, almost to spite him.

He is also sensible enough to realise that demanding and ordering Mary about will get him nowhere, while she is smart enough to know just how to deal with men such as him, having been doing it with her family for years.

They get together quite quickly, forced by circumstances, and the plot moves away from sexual tension to the small matter of someone trying to kill one or both of them.

While it’s reasonably obvious who the culprit is, this doesn’t spoil the story and there is plenty of tension to keep it rolling along.

The bedroom scenes were quite different from earlier books in that Mary may have been a virgin but she wasn’t going to take a back seat – no sireee!

I was surprised that the males in the family did not make more of a fuss over her marrying Ryder, given his reputation and past behaviour – maybe age has mellowed them 🙂

During the book a lot of the family pop up and if you have not read previous books you may find them boring or annoying, but not me.  I love catching glimpses of old favourites which is why for me, the epilogue was wonderful. It brought us completely up to date with the Cynsters and the next generation. I cannot believe Devil and Honoria’s son is 17!

This is clearly the last book for this crop of Cynsters and part of me hopes the next generation get their own stories, the other part of me thinks if that happens it means our originals will get old and some might start to die! I couldn’t cope with losing Devil!

Overall this book did not disappoint but I do recommend you start reading this series at the beginning, you will fall in love with the Cynsters and the family that surrounds them.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Book Information
  • Author: Stephanie Laurens
  • Series: Cynster Sisters (5)
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And Then She Fell

 Henrietta Cynster is known throughout the ton as ‘The Matchbreaker’ for her uncanny ability to advise women on whether or not potential suitors are truly in love with them.

James Glossup finds his potential bride scared off by Henrietta, and having a deadline by which to marry, seeks her out to explain his problem. Henrietta feels honour bound to help James find a bride of convenience and proceeds to escort and advise him throughout the ton

It doesn’t take long for James to realise he no longer wants a marriage of convenience but does Henrietta feel the same, and why do accidents seem to befall Henrietta with remarkable frequency?

I love the Cynsters, love the strong women and love the men who are good enough to eat! This is book nineteen and the series is showing no signs of waning – in my mind anyway. There are lots of references to previous stories, but you do not need to read them in order to know what is going on. While there were a couple of occasions where I was not completely sure about the reference, it didn’t spoil it for me at all.

Henrietta is a typical Cynster woman and at the grand old age of twenty-nine she is permitted many freedoms not allowed to younger women. This also allows her and James to take liberties they might not otherwise have managed – if you get my drift! Also being a bit older she is not one to hang about when she decides she wants something and as a result the ‘will they, won’t they’ was resolved by the middle of the book, leaving the latter half focused on a murder mystery plot.

While James is not a Cynster, he does of course have many of the traits I have come to expect – sexy eyes, sexy body (sexy everything really), as well as the urge to protect Henrietta against a dangerous killer. He also is not afraid to speak his mind and tell Henrietta exactly what he wants.

Someone has been trying to kill Henrietta and there are no clues as to who it could be. Poor James is out of his mind with worry but thankfully Henrietta is sensible enough to realise she needs protection. Enter pretty much the entire Cynster clan (women included) who work together to try and identify the killer, all those fine male specimens in one place – heaven!

The mystery in the latter half of the book kept going at a good pace and I did not guess the killer at all, in fact I thought it was someone completely different! The killer really was an evil sadist, a very well written villain.

As with all Cynster novels, And Then She Fell was a wonderful read, definitely another keeper to be re-read at leisure and I cannot wait for the next one involving Henrietta’s sister Mary.

Book Information
  • Author: Stephanie Laurens
  • Series: Cynsters (19)
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Rating: ★★★★½