Trust No One

 When reality is a web of lies and the truth endangers all you hold dear- trust no one. 

MJ Thornberg is an ex secret agent who retired after being betrayed by her former partner. Ben Walker is an agent struggling with his own demons, sent to pull MJ back into the game when her ‘sister’ (Tasha) goes rogue. They are forced to work together to find the truth of what is happening, confront the demons of their past and remain alive at the end of it!

This was a great book with strong characters and a fast paced plot. Twists and turns abound and it was a real page turner. MJ may have retired from the secret agent life but you never forget those skills it seems, as she can still kick ass when required and takes no rubbish from anyone. She is a strong woman but Tasha is stronger, and when the two of them finally meet up, the fun really begins. I am definitely looking forward to reading Tasha’s book as, while she had a big role in this one, there is  clearly more we need to know. I did feel sorry for Ben a few times, as he really didn’t stand a chance against both MJ and Tasha – not that he is a wimp, far from it. MJ is definitely the softer of the two women and I liked that she did start to feel guilty about the way she was treating Ben, but trust is not something she gives lightly. It is clear that her year out of the game has changed her priorities while Tasha is still knee deep in it.

There was also humour to go with the suspense and I snickered a few times – quietly to myself of course in case anyone thought I was mad! I started to get an inclination of what was going on while reading, but in all truth there are so many twists you could easily lose track, and the title of the book really makes sense!

While this is book 2 I have not read book 1 and do not feel it was necessary to enjoy this one. There are however a number of loose threads at the end of this story that are clearly designed for another book which has not yet been published. I would have  liked some of the threads to have been tied up tighter and do not think it would have detracted from the next book.

Overall an excellent read which ticked all my boxes and kept me up until it was finished!

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Book Information
  • Author: Diana Layne
  • Series: Vista Security (2)
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