Envy continues the story of Jim Heron and his brother fallen angels. The task? To try and save another pivotal soul that hangs in the balance between good and evil.

I felt Jim came into his own in this book which was really good.  The last two he was helped and guided a lot more by Adrian, Edward and Dog as he was still learning what he could do.  I don’t think he is yet fully aware but he is damn impressive!

I loved Tom ‘Veck’ Delvechio, he was a solid character that was really well created.  I must admit I found him very attractive, flaws and all!  Likewise with Sophia Reilly.  I liked that while she was good at her job, she lacked other skills that heroine’s in other books seem to have.  Mainly that she can’t cook!  It made her seem so much more human and more accessible by not being able to whip up a fantastic meal in a jiffy.

As a couple they were scorching, the dance they start was full of lustful frustration and it was one of the things that kept me turning the pages, even after they get together.  Love is never easy!  I have to say J.R. Ward writes amazing sex scenes, whether a threesome or male/female, there is just something about them that is exciting and fresh, even after so many books.

The plot was intriguing and really good, the bold statement at the start made me go “woah”, and it didn’t really stop from there.  There is fallout from the events in Crave, the previous book in the series, and it does affect Jim and the others.  I can’t help feeling for them though and there is one event in particular that just made me cry and choke up every time it was referred to.  I am still shaking a virtual fist about it!

There were a few twists and again, this is something Ward does very well but doesn’t drag them out too long in the build up.

I think Envy is a worthy part of the Fallen Angels series and packs as much of an emotional punch as the previous stories.  I can’t wait to pick up Rapture, the next book and one I happen to have right here!

Rating: ★★★★½ 

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  • Author: J.R. Ward
  • Series: Fallen Angels (3)
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Avenger’s Angel

I have to be honest and say that when I was offered Avenger’s Angel to review, it was the cover art that really piqued my interest.  It’s just beautiful.  The story sounded interesting, but I didn’t expect too much so I prepared myself for another ‘immortal male needs/meets lifemate’ story.

Avenger’s Angel is kind of like that but is also so much more.  It has so much charm that I was immediately drawn right in, totally engaged and wanting to find out what happens; I only put it down when I absolutely had to.

The characters that Heather Killough-Walden has created are my very favourite kind.  The male character is powerful and dominant but knows when to give ground.  The main female character is capable enough to take care of herself, but puts her care for others before herself.  Both have a quality I can’t explain but I find extremely attractive and I can only put it down to great writing.

I love the back story created to support the series;  four favoured Archangels sent to Earth for the chance to find the soul mates that ‘the Old man’ created for them.

I love all four of the Archangels, their characterisations are solid and well written, making them likeable and believable.  Each are flawed in their own way but it makes them unique in their own right. After searching for thousands of years for their Archesses, they have reluctantly settled into lives in the modern world, still hoping, still searching.

The main characters in the book are Archangel Uriel (former Angel of Vengeance), and his created Archess Ellie.  Uriel, now known as film star Christopher Daniels, is a funny, wry character who I often wanted to smack as much as hug.  Ellie is just so sweet I wanted to take her home and look after her, even though she is more than capable of doing it herself.  When Ellie and Uriel are in each others presence the sparks really fly and the tension builds up to a fever pitch.

The story itself flows well and is intriguing and the pace nicely judged.  There are other characters that come into it that I can’t really say too much about because of spoilers but suffice to say there are some surprises in store and things are not always as they seem. I have to mention the love scenes as well, because you might just need a fan!  They’re very well written and totally hot.

A great read and I look forward to the next book in this charming series!

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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  • Author: Heather Killough-Walden
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 Jim Heron, fallen angel and potential saviour of mankind is sent back to earth to try and help redeem his second soul.  Isaac Rothe, a fellow XOps member has been targetted for elimination for attempting to escape the clutches of the brutal black ops team, just as Jim had.  Jim had originally been charged with the mission but with his apparent demise, someone else had been assigned the task.  When Isaac gets into trouble with the law, he is assigned a public defender, both beautiful and compassionate and she feels compelled to try and save him from himself.  Just as Isaac fears, she becomes a target too and it’s up to Jim and his brother fallen angels to try and save them from Matthias, the boss of XOps who seems hellbent on revenge.

J. R. Ward has certainly raised the bar in Crave.  Her writing is just as emotional, gripping and passionate but I felt this book had a darker edge to it in comparison to Covet, the first book in this series.  The edginess is not a bad thing and it definately gave the story a richer feel.

Jim Heron returns as the fallen angel who has been chosen to try and save mankind.  I loved his character in the first book and due to that darker feel, he felt more solid, tangible and flawed;  I loved him all the more for it.

I was glad to see that the two other fallen angels, Adrian and Edward, returned to lend a hand here.  Both characters are just as complex as Jim’s and it was good to find out a little more about them.  I love the banter between the three of them and the times when things turned serious, it brought a lump to my throat.  I also have to mention Dog who we know isn’t just a dog, I’m just not sure quite what he is yet.  He’s a bit of an enigma and hopefully will be explained in later books.

I thought it was good, if a little bittersweet, to see the four ‘british’ gentlemen angels again.  They are integral to Jim’s mission and add some welcome humour but because their hands are tied and have to play by the rules they can be frustrating.  However, as frustrated as I felt at times, there is one point which was very well played and made me want to cheer.

There were a few twists in the story that I really didn’t see coming which I always like and while the ending turned out kind of how I expected, the cost was surprisingly high and quite sad.

All in all I couldn’t put it down and was thoroughly engaged right til the end.  It was wonderfully character driven and what action there was, was brutal.  One scene in particular was both spectacularly written yet horrifying at the same time.  The love scenes were very hot and, as I’ve come to expect and love from J.R. Ward, well written and emotional.

I honestly can’t wait for the next book, I NEED to know who the next soul will be!

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  • Author: J.R. Ward
  • Series: Fallen Angels (2)
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Why you should read – J. R. Ward

The first book I read by J. R. Ward was actually the start of a companion series to the Black Dagger Brotherhood books.  Covet impressed me in many different ways and I was curious about what her other more established series was like.  Having now finished the Black Dagger Brotherhood series for a second time and having enjoyed it even more, I can’t recommend this amazing series enough.

So why should you read J. R. Ward?

The characters Ward creates are just phenomenal.  The main cast are the Brothers and their individual stories are the focus for each book.  What makes the series truly outstanding is the presence of the other major players through each one.  You can’t have one Brother without having them all!  Sometimes those appearances are brief and often they are integral to another’s story.

The series begins with Dark Lover and you are introduced to a world of vampires living alongside humans in secrecy.  The Black Dagger Brotherhood are a group of elite vampires, engineered by breeding to be the most powerful and best warriors to protect the race not only from exposure to the humans but also from their unnatural predators – the Lessening Society.  I love Ward’s slant on the vampire mythos, that the traditional view is mostly hogwash spread by the human media with a few truths hidden within the fiction.  The truth is humans have nothing to fear from vampires.  They can’t sustain themselves from human blood so basically, they are just another race that share the planet but in ever decreasing numbers.  There is a war on, between the lessers and the vampires and the Brothers fight night after night to keep the remaining vampire population safe, often at personal cost to themselves.  They are powerful, larger than life and very very hot!

While the plot of each book might mainly be about a character unexpectedly finding their true love (they are romance novels after all), it’s the characters that make them as engaging as they are.  J. R. Ward has such a clear and vivid way of writing that you get to know them so well and the mere mention of a name conjurs up their image in your mind and how they might act and react in certain situations.  I also have to say not once in ten books have I read a scene and thought hang on, he wouldn’t do that!.

You can feel the love and sometimes exasperation Ward has for her Brothers and in turn, shares those things with the reader.   They are all so fundamentally different and you just can’t help falling in love with them, cry for them and your heart bleeds at the sacrifices they have to make for the good of the race.

The females of the series are just as much of a revelation and again so very different from each other.  Each has their own strengths and weaknesses that make them the perfect foil for the jaded and battle-weary Brothers.  Sassy, fierce, loving and brave, each one finds her way into your heart just as easily.

So if you love amazing and emotional stories with flawed yet solid warriors (did I mention they were also hot?) and the females that are more than a match for them then you should read J. R. Ward.  I dare you not to fall in love with them!


 With Heaven and Hell tired of the game of stealing or saving souls, they come to the agreement of one final act to decide whether good, or evil will prevail.  The rules are simple – One man, seven souls to save from the seven deadly sins.  Jim Heron’s life gets very complicated the day he dies and becomes a fallen angel.

While the premise might sound simple, the plot is not.  This is the first book by J.R. Ward I’ve experienced and having read a lot of urban fantasy and supernatural romance,  I expected it to be a bit same old same old but I was pleasantly surprised.   Ward has her own unique style of writing and I would say it’s actually more of a blend of urban fantasy and romance with a bit of a thriller thrown in.

The reluctant hero, Jim Heron is very likeable but still manages to maintain an air of ‘don’t get too close’ which was good,  and while you know there is something a bit unusual about his friends, it’s very subtly done.  The characters of Vin and Marie-Terese were also well written and Vin especially is not at all as you would expect.  I thought the evil side were particularly nasty and again their introduction was very subtle.  As the book progresses, and certain things get revealed, you gain more empathy with the main characters and that just continues growing, right to the end.  I really enjoyed the twist at the end which kept me strung along til the last moment and was very emotional, gripping and well written.  I can’t say more than that without spoilers.

My advice is read this book.  It’s a good one!

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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  • Author: J.R. Ward
  • Series: Fallen Angels (1)
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