Blue Smoke

 Ever since she witnessed the fire that destroyed her family’s restaurant when she was eleven, Reena Hale knew what she wanted to be.  She wanted to find out what caused fires. As she got older, fire continued to play a significant role in her life and she worked hard to achieve her dream while sacrificing her personal life along the way. Bo Goodnight came into her life and called her “dream girl” after seeing her for a few seconds years ago, and he now has no intention of letting her out of his sight again, not even when it becomes clear someone is using fire to taunt Reena and everyone she cares about has a target on their back.

This book had me drawn in right from the beginning. It starts when Reena is 11 years old and rather surprisingly it got to the middle of the book before reaching the present day having gone through snapshots of her life where fire plays a part. For me this added to the story and I liked the fact I had so much background information about Reena and her very large Italian family. While some people may feel the story is slow to get going I do feel it is integral for setting the scene and giving an indication of how long this person has been stalking Reena. We are introduced to Bo Goodnight (what sort of surname is that!) in this period and it is cute how he keeps glimpsing Reena but never actually meeting her until the present day.

I found the tension in this book very high and could not put it down, was desperate to keep turning pages – not necessarily to find out who did it, but more to see what was going to happen next, when would Reena put it together and where would the next fire be? The romance between Bo and Reena became hot and heavy very quickly – after all Bo had been in love with her since glimpsing her in college and it was almost as if it was fate that bought them together. Some people may find that a bit sickly but I loved it, I am a great believer in destiny where love is concerned.

If I had a criticism it would have to be the surname Goodnight! When you have blokes calling each other by surnames having Goodnight as a name can get very confusing – huh he just said goodnight so why he is he still talking to him!!!! Maybe just me because I read quick and get confused easily.

Reena’s family play a large part in the story which is only right as it started at the family restaurant all those years previously and  I particularly enjoyed some of the interactions between the male members of the family and Bo.

Despite what I have said above the romance is not the main story element and the main plot is brilliant starting with a slow burn and building up to a roaring inferno with action coming thick and fast towards the end.

Another great book from Nora Roberts with action, suspense, romance and of course a killer whose mind is so twisted it is a wonder he can see straight!

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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  • Author: Nora Roberts
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