I have to apologise for the spoiler contained in the review of Deadline.  It can be incredibly difficult to review a book when an event that is so integral to the story happens. It’s almost impossible to allude to, rather than be able to mention it.  That being said, I try very hard not to use spoilers and didn’t think to put a warning (there is one now).  Lesson learned!

The sneak peak at the end of Deadline had my jaw dropping and luckily I had Blackout to dive straight into.  If I’d had to wait, I think I might have imploded.  This book was the perfect closing to the trilogy for many reasons.  We got to see just how deep the conspiracy ran, the reasoning behind it all… in short, the Truth that Georgia and Shaun Mason had been searching for.  It cost a lot to get there, some might say too much, but Shaun’s tenacity is like an unstoppable force.

The pace of the story of all three books were perfectly measured to me. In Feed it started slowly and gained speed, in Deadline it increased to a nail-biting run, and finally, in Blackout it was an edge of your seat, can’t-put-it-down-until-I’ve-finished-it full sprint.  It suited the story really well and there was no wasted time.

There was more ground covered in this book than the previous two, the characters often being separated because of need and it was interesting having the point of view switching around quite a bit.  It was never confusing, however, as to who was ‘speaking’.  The little snippets of blog entries also let you know how other characters were feeling, be that happy, angry or sad.

There are so many emotional punches just waiting to pounce on you throughout the story.  The biggest one, I won’t mention, but you will instantly know what I mean when you start reading.  It floored me and made me both happy and sad.  Along with that the characters accompanying Shaun were brilliant and well written, as important to the story as Shaun himself.  There was one moment that made me shout ‘I knew it!’ after having suspicions formed from the previous novels. It also made me very happy!

As each revelation came, I got more and more shocked at just what was going on and how people were both capable and felt justified in their actions.  It harks back to other atrocities in our history, where people in a position of power thought they were right in doing what they did.  But this is so much more.  Shaun wanted the truth… and the truth is more terrifying than I could have imagined.

This is an amazing series and if you even remotely like a conspiracy thriller with a dose of zombies, then this is for you.  You do need to read them in order though, so start with Book 1, Feed.

Rise up… and read it!

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  • Author: Mira Grant
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 ***Spoilers for Feed follow, read it first and then come back!***

Convinced he’s going mad and still reeling from his devastating loss, Shaun Mason no longer wants to be in the world, but can’t leave it until he has found the truth behind Georgia’s death.  He didn’t bank on the conspiracy being far bigger than anyone could have realised but the mission has always been the Truth, even if it means losing everything.

Deadline carries on after the shocking and heartbreaking ending of Feed and a part of me didn’t want to read this second book because of it.  I take my hat off to Mira Grant for figuring out how to still keep a sense of Georgia in the story.  My heart about broke every time her death was referred to, and seeing Shaun’s grief so vividly on display.  He is unravelling at the seams but my goodness, his tenacity and determination are what make him such an outstanding character.

As the saying goes, ‘The plot thickens’ and I think it has never been more true than in this book.  There are many different layers going on, some that go back to the first book but mostly it’s new developments, new understandings and new and terrible truths.  It’s an accurate reflection of just what people in a position of power and no scruples might do, to hold on to that power.

I was on the edge of my seat for pretty much the whole book, the pace is fast and events are coming at you left right and centre, leaving me reading with my mouth open, and making involuntary verbal exclamations at times.  It packs a heavy emotional punch too with the sacrifices people make, to do what must be done.  What the characters have to go through is mind blowing, but at the same time I think if anything like the Rising were to happen, it’s people like that you would want on your side. I still liked the excerpts from the blogs of the characters, it added depth and a brief glimpse at their thoughts.

The writing is as smooth and engaging as the first book, just catching me up and unable to let go until the last page.  And those last few pages… wow.  I can’t say any more or it would be a spoiler but I did not see that coming.

I absolutely can’t wait to dive into book three, Blackout and I am going to do that right now!

Deadline  is a tense, fast paced, and utterly absorbing zombie thriller.  The end of the world is truly nigh!

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  • Author: Mira Grant
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The Rising was a time of horror, a realisation that in mankind’s arrogance  to assert control over nature’s most basic forms, it almost annihilated them.  Those that died didn’t stay dead, they rose and the deadly and infectious virus urged them on, an insatiable need to feed.  Twenty years on, bloggers Georgia and Shaun Mason are offered the chance of a lifetime, to follow a political campaign and report the truth as they see it.  Some truths hide behind dark conspiracy and sometimes it’s worth killing for.

Having literally just finished reading Feed, I’m still in a bit of a state of shock.  The book itself shows an amazing in-depth look at how the world would be if there really was a zombie outbreak and the ramifications for everyone.  What caught me though is how well written and emotional the main story was.  The characters of Georgia and Shaun especially; I felt like I knew them and perhaps some of that is because we already live in a blogging world where people post their innermost thoughts.  It’s not written from the point of view of a blog – but it is the background from where the story comes from.  Bloggers are the ‘modern’ world’s news givers and the pieces you do get are almost familiar.

Georgia and Shaun were wonderfully real, practical and determined, and their bond as siblings was very touching.  I loved how the sense of danger the world lives with every day was portrayed, with the virus inactive in everyone until they die, or are encouraged into converting.  Then they come back as something else, something highly infectious, deadly and with only one mandate: Feed.

The book itself is so much more than just another zombie apocalypse story.  The apocalypse has already happened, not because of any supernatural or mystical means but due to human error and a combination of events.  It’s set after the ‘Rising’ for one thing and while it starts off being a survival story it then adds in crime, horror, intrigue, heroism and sacrifice.  A heady mix and a wonderful story.  Highly recommended if you like to read any of those things.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

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  • Author: Mira Grant
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