Sara Linton returns home to spend Thanksgiving with her family.  What should have been a peaceful time is interrupted when the body of a student is discovered in the lake.  But was it suicide… or murder?  Will Trent from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is sent in to investigate and finds more than he bargained for with Lena Michaels, the local Police department and what appears to be a massive cover up of mistakes.

The Grant County series comes to a thrilling end!

As sad as I am to see the series come to an end, it was fitting and very well done.  A natural closure that was organic and left on a sombre but hopeful note.

I fell in love with the characters right from their dramatic entrance in Blindsighted, the first book in the series.  With Broken at the other end of it and with so much having happened over the course of ten books, this seems like the perfect place to leave it. I think Karin Slaughter hit it just right.

I can’t think of a better testament to a writer that a character can still be missed, three books on.  The character leaves a gap, not only because of the others that were left, but also because they were so well crafted, they became real to your mind.  It’s more poignant and true to life that the loss is still felt and the anger and sorrow almost tangible.

Broken is so much more than a crime novel.  It’s also a story about people who have been through hell and back and are still standing, even if at a slightly wonky angle.  It was wonderful to see both Sara and Lena again, but equally painful to see they are both still hurting.  Sara’s attitude towards Lena was totally understandable even if it felt wrong and Lena’s attitude towards herself was no surprise.  I did love how much she grew through this final book, to finally own up to herself.

Will Trent from the Atlanta GBI was a great addition to the cast and while it’s not the first time he and Sara have crossed paths, it was the first time for him in Grant County.  It amused me that his partner Faith Mitchell helped out from the end of the phone while she counted down the hours until she had a caesarian.  Will being so uncomfortable every time she talked about the procedure or gave too much information about her pregnancy was the much needed lighter counterpoint to the grimness of the crime.

The case itself was quite convoluted with a few things not adding up until later in the book, when there were a series of dawning realisations.  Again a testament to the way Slaughter writes.  She isn’t afraid to be gritty, realistic and shocking and in my opinion, that is what makes her so good.

The pace was good, the majority of the book taking place in only three days.  My only minor complaint is that it felt slightly unbalanced, as if the book focused more on the characters than the crime.  Having said that, I still feel as if it was the perfect way to end this series and lay the groundwork for the next.

Not reading this book, and in fact the entire series, would be a crime!

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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