Ecstasy Unveiled

Lore has been chained to an assassin master and forced to carry out whatever kills were asked of him, including assassinating his new found brothers (fortunately he failed that one!) He is given one last kill to carry out which will finally free both him and his sister from the contract. He will stop at nothing to complete this kill because if he fails, his sister’s life will be the price.

Idess is an angel in waiting, sworn to protect the very same human Lore needs to kill. To fail means losing the opportunity to ascend to heaven, something Idess has waited for, for over 2000 years. Failure is not an option for either of them.

Lore and Idess meet as he is trying to kill her human and both are determined to do whatever it takes to achieve their mission. Things become more complicated for Idess when she is given someone else to protect as well and has to spend her time ensuring neither of her charges gets killed!

It soon becomes clear there is more to this than a simple contract, someone is messing with the lives of Idess and Lore, someone who seems determined to prevent her ascension as an angel. To further complicate things an old enemy of the brothers appears again, bent on destroying the brothers once and for all and causing rifts never before seen between them. No one is sure who is being manipulated and what the ultimate aim is, but Lore and Idess are right at the centre.

Another fantastic book in this series and I think this is actually the best one yet. I was not sure if I would enjoy it as much because having only met Lore briefly in the previous book, I had not had time to become attached to him as a central character. How wrong could I be! I absolutely loved this one and by half way through I felt as if I had known Lore from the beginning of the series.

This book seemed much more action packed than the previous ones and had so much going on with the characters which was great. There was of course the main story focusing on the two central characters with lots of sex and great interactions but the underlying stories were just as important. The final few chapters were heart stopping as the showdown approached and it was very well written. The next book has been set up nicely by the events in this one and I am looking forward to seeing more from Sin.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  • Author: Larissa Ione
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