Edge of Dawn

 It’s been twenty years since First Dawn and the peace between the Breed and the human race is fragile to say the least. Mira was raised among the ruling body of the Breed nation and is now a Warrior of the Order, having proven herself time and again as worthy of the title.  Since the apparent death of Kellan Archer, her childhood friend and lover, in an attack by rebels, she has been even more determined to eradicate the rebel threat to peace. Unfortunately she does not always think first and with her latest loss of control, the chain of events set in progress bring Mira face to face with the one person she hoped to see again, in circumstances that leave her feeling betrayed to the very core.

Wow! This book drags you back into the world of the Breed as if you have never been away. Twenty years on and the transition is seamless although the world is a very different place. The focus of Edge of Dawn is on the younger generation we saw as children and babies in the previous Midnight Breed books. We still get to see the Warriors and mates that we know and love, particularly Lucan who remains leader of the Order, although most of them are very much in the background.

I loved Mira as a child and I love her as an adult, she is still stubborn and fearless with a reckless streak a mile wide. It is no surprise she grew up to become the first female Warrior leading her own team. Kellan was a bit of a wuss as a child but grew up to become an alpha male worthy of any novel but not as obnoxious as some can be, and I am glad these two were paired in adulthood. It did take some getting used to having individuals I had previously thought of as children falling in love and having sex – hot sex too but we are left in no doubt that these are no longer kids!

Nathan is another Warrior we met as a child and in this book we get an indication of who his life mate will be (I think!). He has a big role in this book as best friend to both Mira and Kellan since childhood and I cannot wait to see him get his story. There were a number of other new faces including ones who were mere bumps or glints in their parents eyes at the end of Darker After Midnight. This gives me hope that the series will continue for many more books!

This book was well worth the wait and was so good I could not put it down, finishing it in a day. I cannot wait to read more about this generation and the new story arc that was introduced – the reveal at the end was not what I was expecting at all!

There is a succinct history lesson in the first few pages so if you have not read the previous ten books you could jump in here and be drawn straight in, however I feel I enjoyed it much more because I had an understanding of the other books.

If you have read and enjoyed the rest of the series you will love this, and even if you have not read the previous ones, give this a try, I guarantee you will then want to go back to the beginning. Well, it is one way to fill the time waiting for the next one!

In summary all I can say is wow, the best one yet!

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Book Information
  • Author: Lara Adrian
  • Series: Midnight Breed (11)
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Darker After Midnight

 Sterling Chase is Breed, descendants of an alien race who arrived on earth centuries ago, humans would call them vampires. He also used to be part of the Order, a group of warriors dedicated to protecting humans and Breed alike from their race and keeping their existence a secret.

Chase has been on a downward spiral for the past year which culminated into him walking out of the Order’s headquarters and into the arms of human police.  Tavia Fairchild, a human witness to one of his crimes, is pulled into the world of the Breed when Chase finds that the Power-mad breed male (and arch enemy of the Order) Dragos is interested in her.

Chase kidnaps her and what he discovers is something none of them could have ever predicted…

This is the tenth book in the Midnight Breed series and in my opinion the best one. If you have not read any of these books please start with the first book – Kiss of Midnight. While every book has its own standalone romance pairing, the underlying story threads will have you missing out great chunks of information if you read them out of order.

Chase is one of the characters I struggled to like, some of the decisions he made in previous books and his attitude were not pleasant! In this book however, we get to see another side of him and discover he has been battling the threat of blood-lust for much longer than we thought. Tavia is a great heroine but I cannot say too much without giving away a major surprise, suffice to say she will be a fine addition to the Order and their mates.

The romantic storyline is predictable but hey, without a happy ending the book wouldn’t be complete, and of course there is lots of sex!

In my opinion the underlying storyline has gotten better with each book and this one brings everything to its conclusion. There were surprises being thrown up all over the place and although this is the end of a major story arc there are lots of indications that the series will continue. I am excited to see what happens in future books.

If like me you love sex, romance and the paranormal you will love this series, some of the books in the middle were a bit lacklustre but as the storyline progressed, the books got better and better. Having finished this series I will have to go and see what else Lara Adrian has written while I wait for the next instalment 🙂

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Book Information
  • Author: Lara Adrian
  • Series: Midnight Breed (10)
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