“Nightwalkers dwell in the shadows, they live in a world where every night holds secrets. Hunted by magic, beset by evil, the Nightwalkers face their darkest hour yet. When the unthinkable happens, only one legendary male has the power and the will to save them: Adam”

Adam disappeared into thin air four centuries ago, the greatest enforcer ever known and his whereabouts remained a mystery. Suddenly against all expectations he appears just when he is needed most, as disorientated with his surroundings as everyone else is with his appearance.

Jasmine has carried her two brief encounters with Adam with her for 400 years, wondering what happened to the demon who threatened her tight control simply with a look. For Adam it is merely hours. When he returns into a world where inter-relationships are no longer illegal, will they be able to fight the attraction between them while battling the greatest enemy demon-kind has ever known.

The start of the book was a bit of a shock and even though I was not invested in the characters from the previous books, it still made me very emotional – a testament to the writing I think!

This novel was very enjoyable and unlike a lot of similar style books, the relationship between the two main characters did not take over the entire story, in fact the relationship seemed almost secondary to everything else that was going on. When I picked up this book I realised it was not the first in the series but figured like most others, I would be able to read out of order with no problems. While this was the case, I do feel that I missed out by reading this book before the previous ones, simply because the plot which has clearly traversed a number of books is so integral to this one. Having said that, the story was explained enough that I quickly gathered the gist of what was happening – it is simply a personal opinion that I should have read them in order.

I enjoyed the writing style and liked the fact that the romance did not take over the book (although I do love a good romance). I will definitely be looking for further books by Jacquelyn Frank.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

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  • Author: Jacquelyn Frank
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