Why no reviews?

It’s been a while since a review was posted and I felt an explanation was in order for those that follow me and also have sent me review copies.  I suffer from a mental health condition called Dysthymia which in a nutshell, is a long term depressive condition.  It’s mostly controlled by medication but every now and again I have an unusually low period.  It sucks but as anyone who has experienced or lives with depression knows, most of your daily interests go out of the window and it’s very hard to break through that until it starts to lift.

I’m used to it in a lot of ways since I’ve had it for a long time but it doesn’t make it any easier when the low periods hit and the struggle to maintain day to day activities becomes much harder.

So, the point of this blog message is to say I am feeling better and reading again and therefore reviews should be following too 🙂

Thanks everyone who sent me *hugs* and get better messages, they really helped!