Exciting Kenyon TV Series News!

I can’t even begin to say how excited I am about this.  Having seen (and enjoyed) the success and quality of the True Blood TV series, it gives me high hopes that Sherrilyn Kenyon’s books can be brought to the screen in a way that reflects just how good her novels are.

Amber Entertainment has signed a partnership with prolific paranormal novelist Sherrilyn Kenyon to develop and produce films, television and webisodes based on her books.  First project to be developed is “Chronicles of Nick,” based on the young adult series. In the first book, “Infinity,” 14-year-old Nick Gautier discovers that the football team has been turned into zombies, sets out to stop the attacks and learns he has a key role in an unseen world.  Kenyon will serve as producer alongside Ileen Maisel, founding partner of Amber.

Full article can be found at http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118040186

Now I just have to stop making high pitched squealing noises when I think about it 😉

I think the character I am most apprehensive about being cast is Acheron.  He is such a fundamental part of the Dark-Hunter world and probably the most liked, so it will be a tough call to get the right actor.

Particular stories I would love to see brought to the screen would be the first book in the series, Fantasy Lover with Julian, then Dark Hunter with Kyrion.  Of the Were-Hunter books, Night Play with Vane.

All else I can say is SOON PLEASE!

Press photo by Sheri Reno/Nashville