Tempest Rising

Jane True is a young woman living in a small town, with a love for the sea that borders on the unnatural and a history she can’t seem to escape from.  On one of her nightly swims, she finds a body and while trying to avoid even more unwanted attention, she lands right in a world she never thought could possibly exist.

Nicole Peeler is another author that is new to me and I kept putting off reading Tempest Rising in favour of authors I regularly read.  I feel like smacking myself now having just finished the first book in the series because it is spectacular.

The characters and setting are so vividly written that it was very easy for me to see it all in my mind’s eye as I was reading.  I couldn’t put the book down and devoured it in one sitting.  It’s funny, entertaining, gripping and exciting with love scenes that are hot but don’t leap over the fence into gratuitousness.

The major character of Jane True is really well created and I absolutely loved her.  I think I connected with her so much because I could see a little bit of myself in her.  Obviously not the being half-human part, but her humour, blurting out comments without being brain filtered first and tripping at the worst time possible.  I think perhaps a lot of people will feel that connection as keenly as I did!

The character of Ryu quickly grew on me too, blasting into Jane’s life like a hurricane but without the aggressive/possessive/misogynistic masculinity that seems very prevalent in the genre at the moment.  I quite enjoy aggressive and possessive but I really find misogyny a bit of a turn off for me.  Having a male character that is hot, charming and extremely personable was refreshing and I couldn’t help but like him.

Jane’s history is both poignant and sad.  Integrating that history into the plot was very well done, and it was nice not to have it all laid out for you right away.  The murder/mystery aspect isn’t exactly original but Nicole Peeler put her own slant on it and made it her own.

The pace of the book is a bit like the sea that Jane loves so much, it ebbs and flows but in a natural way.  It never felt forced or dragged and the quiet reflective times were no less gripping than the action scenes.

All in all this is a book I wish I had read ages ago and goes firmly into my list of favourites.  Nicole Peeler is a breath of fresh sea air to the genre!

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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