Luring a Lady

 So I’ve been collecting books by Nora Roberts as I came across them as I had a feeling that once I had a taste, I would want more.  I picked up Luring a Lady simply because it was sitting on my desk at the time and I thought I would see what the first chapter was like.  Then I couldn’t put it down and finished it in one sitting!  I also realised this was book two in the Stanislaskis Family Saga and while there were a few references to book one, it could still be enjoyed on its own.  Of course I then had to immediately buy book one (Taming Natasha) because I hate not being fully aware of the story and I’m also just a bit nuts like that 😉

Stories like this tend to be formulaic, and they are romances so you know pretty much what you are going to get, especially the required happy ending.  It’s the journey that either grabs me or turns me off and I’m happy to say I loved the journey of Mikhail and Sydney.  Mikhail is quite a dominating character and can almost be a bit much until he turns around and does something incredibly sweet.  Sydney conversely can be a bit of a cold fish, having been reared that way by a privileged upbringing.  When she starts thawing, she becomes a wonderful character and I loved her interactions with Mikhail, often leaving me smiling.  The Stanislaskis family is large and boisterous and I find myself rubbing my hands in glee at more books to lose myself in.

Nora Roberts writes incredibly well and she is very easy to read; each sentence drags you in deeper. The plot is not complicated but she adds such a flair to the story that it doesn’t matter, it is still extremely engaging. She creates characters you can identify with but also puts an expert twist into them that means you can love them but still want to smack them, an exasperated fondness.

I can see why she is a much beloved (and prolific!) author and in one book, I feel myself falling in love with her work.  I have high hopes for Taming Natasha and seeing the start of this series.

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  • Author: Nora Roberts
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Rating: ★★★★☆