Irreverent Questions With… Saskia Sarginson

Saskia Sarginson answers a few irreverent questions, just in time for the release of her latest book, The Other Me.

saskia_328-fin-224x300Saskia was born in Manchester in 1961, but grew up in Suffolk. She has a B.A hons in Fashion Design and Communication from St. Martin’s School of Art and read English Literature at Cambridge University. She was awarded a distinction in her Creative Writing M.A from Royal Holloway University. Saskia worked as Health and Beauty Editor on Company magazine and has written for various publications such as Cosmopolitan, You magazine, The Telegraph, Sainsbury’s Magazine, The Clothes Show, Zest, She and M & S Magazine. She has also been a script reader, copy writer and ghost writer. Her debut novel, The Twins, was published by Piatkus in September 2013. Her second novel, Without You, was published in July 2014, also by Piatkus. She lives in London with her four children, (including twin girls) her partner, Alex, a TV series producer/director – and two cats and two dogs. 

How did you celebrate when your first book was published?
When my debut novel was published I collapsed in relief, then stayed awake all night in a state of complete terror – would anyone read it? Would they hate it? What if they hated it? Which was worse – nobody reading it, or people hating it? (You get the picture.) When my partner managed to talk me down from the dizzying heights of my paranoia, we went out for a quiet meal at our favourite local restaurant and raised a glass of champagne to The Twins.

What are your preferred conditions for writing, i.e. silence, background noise, TV?
Shhhhhh. Silence! I can’t even cope with someone breathing in the same room. The only creatures allowed inside my writing space are my animals.

Whose opinion matters most to you?
There are four main people who always read a book first and whose opinions matter the most – my editor and my agent, my partner and my best friend, who also happens to be an editor, luckily for me.

Who would play you in the film adaptation of your life?
Someone blonde, a bit on the curvy side – maybe Kate Winslet?

Do you have a party trick?
Not really. Not unless I could dance a tango. I could push my youngest son forward, he’s always got a trick up his sleeve, or some impossible riddle to solve.

Do you have pets, and if so, describe them?
I love animals. I have two cats and three dogs. My cats are sisters, with the same birthday as me. They have different personalities; Lola is shy and nervous; Tilly is brave, friendly, funny and best mates with the dogs: Maisy, a tough little border terrier, and Sacha, a big soppy lurcher. My latest dog is a rescue from Spain. When we got Evie she was skin and bone and terrified of men. Somebody (a man presumably) had chopped her tail off, just for fun. Now she’s put on loads of weight, and has become a happy, confident girl. I’d get more rescue animals if I could. But I need to move to the country first!

Many thanks to Saskia Sarginson for taking the time to answer our questions, and if you want to know more about the author, visit her Website, Twitter, Goodreads or on Facebook!

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