Dark Lady’s Chosen

It seems nothing comes easy to King Martris and Queen Kiara of Margolan.  Reclaiming the throne seems to have only brought more problems, along with the poverty and famine the country is experiencing after Jared’s abuses.  Tris has to go to war against the man who would put Jared’s bastard on the throne, leaving Kiara pregnant and vulnerable at Shekerishet.  Jonmarc and Carina are facing their own problems in Principality and as Lord of Dark Haven, Jonmarc has to deal with the Blood Council of the Vayash Mor, not all of who want a mortal as the Lord of a sanctuary for non humans.  With the Legacy Arantola left with the shredding of the Flow, it seems everything is against them.  Yet they must succeed or everything is lost.

Dark Lady’s Chosen is the final book in the Chronicles of the Necromancer, and is a wonderful  conclusion to this series.  All the plot threads that had been woven throughout the three previous books, come together with enough flair and drama to make a
great end to the story.

By this stage I loved all the ‘good’ characters, both major and minor and cared a great deal about what happened to them.  The progression that Tris, Kiara, Jonmarc and Carina went through made it feel like I’d grown along with them.  Even though they were all in different places, with several major events happening to them, it didn’t feel disjointed or awkward.  Each part flowed naturally from one to the next while the tension increased each time.. The pace was well calculated and I didn’t feel it dragged at all, even during the quieter moments.  The action scenes were both imaginative and visceral, and I liked that the characters were not spared from injury.  Almost the opposite in fact, which made it believeable, and at times had me wincing.

I think it’s a testament to Martin’s writing that I couldn’t predict how it would turn out, I just hoped.  The ending though was excellent and I put the book down with a good and satisfied feeling of having enjoyed a good story.

I’m extremely happy that Gail Z. Martin is not yet done with this world and that I will meet up with some of the beloved characters again, in the first book of the next series – The Sworn.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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  • Author: Gail Z. Martin
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