A Wallflower Christmas

 ”It’s Christmas time and Rafe Bowman, an uncivilised American rake, has come to London for an arranged marriage with the perfect aristocratic bride, the very proper and beautiful Natalie Blandford. But before the courtship can begin, Rafe needs to learn the rules of London society. When four former wallflowers try their hand at matchmaking, no one knows what will happen.”

Yet another great story from Lisa Kleypas involving the former wallflowers, it left me with a satisfyingly warm feeling that had nothing to do with the central heating. If I had one criticism it would be that it was too short, if it was longer, some aspects of the story could have been fleshed out a bit. As an example the single page epilogue had lots of updates about everyone, some of which could be incorporated into the story.  Having said that, this is a pure romance novella with no great mystery to solve and some people may get fed up with it if it was longer (not me though!).

I loved Rafe as I love all of Ms Kleypas’ male leads, the glimpses we were given into his past were good, the story about the toy soldier made me want to cry, and that letter – hot! It is clear early on that it is not Natalie Blandford who captures Rafe’s interest, but her companion and cousin Hannah Appleton and we then have the problem with head and heart – what should be and what could be. Hannah is feisty and loyal while Natalie comes across as spoilt and a tease but both of them have each others best interests at heart.

If you have read the wallflower series you definitely need to read this to catch up with our favourite heroines, I am disappointed we did not get to see a bit more of their husbands too – mind you all that hotness together might have caused more than a slight rise in my temperature and this is primarily Rafe and Natalie’s story after all. If you have not read the Wallflower Series you may not appreciate this as much, but if you are a fan of romance you will enjoy it. Read it curled up beneath the Christmas tree and get lost in a world of romance and happy ever afters.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

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  • Author: Lisa Kleypas
  • Series: Wallflowers (4.5)
  • Format: Kindle
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The Wallflower Series

 The Wallflowers is a romance series set in Victorian England by Lisa Kleypas. The books in order are :

  • Secrets of a Summer Night- Annabelle
  • It happened one Autumn – Lillian
  • The Devil in Winter – Evie
  • Scandal in Spring – Daisy

I loved this series so much I read the books back to back in 3 days, so figured a review of the series as a whole was in order.

 In 1843 four young ladies who have been wallflowers on the edge of the ballrooms for the season start talking and become firm friends. they agree to help each other find suitable husbands using devious means if necessary. As I read the books one after another, similarities in format between the books were obvious but you often find that with books by the same author and it was not a problem for me as the format worked very well.

The young ladies are from different backgrounds and have very different personalities but I loved all of them I was drawn to them immediately and looked forward to everyone’s story. My favourite has to be Evie who was the quietest of them all but hides a secret she cannot even tell her friends, and it is no coincidence her book – The Devil in Winter – is also my favourite.  The heroes were also very different and from very different backgrounds; a self made millionaire who was a butchers son, a staid and  supposedly emotionless Earl, England’s most notorious rake and an American with a secret. They all had one thing in common though, bucket loads of sexiness and when they fall, they fall hard. The great thing about this series is that the four women remain firm friends throughout so we continue to get updates on the couples throughout the series.

It was good not just having English aristocrats as the heroes and heroines (two of the ladies are American), although it was set in aristocratic circles in England. While there is always great pleasure in having a sexy English aristocrat (and in the story too!) it is also nice to see how other people fit in to those tight circles.

 These books were extremely romantic but definitely not full of sap, there is always something else going on besides the romance and there are some dramatic scenes leading up to the declarations of love. Ms Kleypas has the ability to turn a villain from one book into a hero in the next and do so believably leading me from detesting someone to rooting for him.

I wont go into individual books otherwise this would be far too lengthy, suffice to say these are some of the best historical romances I have read and at the end of each one I was left with the warm fuzzies and a deep sense of satisfaction.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Book Information
  • Author: Lisa Kleypas
  • Series: Wallflowers
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